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-CDC Coronavirus Updates
-Fieldcrest Update on COVID-19 Crisis
-Fieldcrest COVID-19 Quarantine Dashboard
-COVID-19 Statistics for Illinois
-What are Coronaviruses?
-COVID-19 Symptons
-Stop the spread of germs
-Social Distancing
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• 9-21: Updated Fieldcrest Board Retreat Agenda Sept. 22
• 9-21: Fieldcrest High School Happenings
• 9-18: City of Minonk Notice of Consolidated Election April 6, 2021
• 9-18: Update from the Capitol 9/18/2020
• 9-17: Western Governors University and Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools Announce Partnership
• 9-17: Fieldcrest Board Retreat Agenda Sept 22
• 9-16: St. Judes Going for Gold
• 9-16: Fieldcrest Closed Agenda Sept. 22
• 9-16: Call for more public input on failure of IDES unemployment system
• 9-15: Update from the Capitol: House Investigation into Madigan Begins
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• 9-15: Email: Feeling Blessed!
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- Liliana L'Heureux birthday
- 9-21 Jim Richards Birthday

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Prairie Sunset

The sun appears to be flattened as it sets southwest of Minonk.

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