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Emails for May 2020

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Luanne goodwin proms | Lucille's junior and senior proms 1963 1964 | Fall Town Wide Garage Sale | Luanne's obit | Closing Streets for Restaurants | Trash Schedule Change | Filger Library Due Dates | Filger Library to Begin Curbside Service | CIty Offering Small Business Loans | Accepting Applications for Public Works Supervisor | Additional Information for the Town-Wide Clean Up | Minonk Annual Water Quality Report | Public Works Summer Employment | Town-wide Clean Up Scheduled for June 12-13 | Mine Trail | Library Due Dates | City Hall Open to the Public May 4th | Minonk Lanes Special |

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Luanne goodwin proms

I am still looking for information. thank you in advance. Dave Jenkins 05-30-2020

dave jenkins

Lucille's junior and senior proms 1963 1964

Rumor has it that Lewis Osterman was dating Lucille Goodwin senior year but dumped her at the last minute and Terry Borden (a friend) took her to the senior prom.
Can anyone verify this rumor?

Also, does anyone know about the junior year prom. Did Lucille go and with who?
If anyone has the answers, you can e-mail me directly

if anyone knows how to get in touch with Terry Borden, let me know.

Dave Jenkins 05-28-2020


Fall Town Wide Garage Sale

Wanted to let everyone know that I'm planning on still having a FALL Town Wide Garage Sale. It will be a month later in the hopes that our country and community will be back to normal, or at least a safe normal.

I have it scheduled for Saturday, October 24, 2020 and it will still be from 8 am to 2 pm with your ability to add more time and/or days if you should like to.

Obviously more to come much closer to that time frame but I wanted to let everyone know. Please go ahead and be thinking of what you may want to put on that sale.

I am hoping that 2021 will be more in line with the Town Wide Garage Sales we have had in the past.

Cathy McKay

Luanne's obit

Lucille Anne Goodwin Jenkins class of MDR 1964 died at age 73 due to a psuedomonas infection she received during prosthetic hip replacement surgery on 04-02-2020 at 12:22 pm.

For those of you who knew her, she lived up to her potential. In 1998 she was awarded the honor of School Social Worker of the year for the entire state of Illinois. Then retired and became a licensed divorce mediator. she also found time to become a saphire bridge life master AND RAISE TWO SONS AND ONE HUSBAND.

She is survived by her two sons and her husband of 53 1/2 years, David Lee Jenkins

She remained beautiful, smart, fun, happy and quirky. Her smile lit up a room and she could not pass up a chance to help someone in need.

I would like to know about her senior prom. I am putting together a photo board for her celebration of like sometime in the future. I cannot find any photos of her junior or senior proms. I also cannot find out who she went with.

From her year books I gather that the following people were her friends and may know something: Barb Craig, Carolyn Sue Tuley, Wanda Gerdes, Judy Barrett, Jo Ann Barth, Janet Hartzler or Donna Schlueter

David Jenkins

Closing Streets for Restaurants

Admin, delete if you wish! Indianapolis is closing streets to allow restaurants to have more outdoor seating! This would be a great solution for a lot of Mom & Pop places in small towns. The traffic has diminished anyway and we could enjoy a little time outdoors, no cooking, and some freedom! Just my thoughts.

Bonita Scott Richards

Trash Schedule Change

(The week of Memorial Day only.) Thursday trash pick up will shift to
Friday, May 29.

Friday pick up will shift to Saturday, May 30.

Lisa Blanchard

Filger Library Due Dates

All items currently checked out from Filger Library are due on June 13, 2020.
Also, there will not be any overdue fines on items checked out from mid-March through the time we re-open to the public.

Susan Ryan

Filger Library to Begin Curbside Service

Filger Library will begin a curbside service in the parking lot on Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

If the patrons could please follow these instructions, it would be helpful:

1) Think of a book and/or author you may want us to find. Please limit your total check-outs to 3 per visit. Patron can also look at books available online through Filger Library on our website by searching RSACat.

2) Call 309-432-2929 to register a time slot for pick-up in the parking lot.
For example, if you choose 10 am, come to the lot between 10-10:15 am.

3) Please stay in your car. We will place your books on your back seat.

4) At this point, your items will be due on June 13, 2020.

Thank you for being patient while we were closed. We look forward to serving you again!

Susan Ryan

CIty Offering Small Business Loans

The City of Minonk is offering a Small Business Assistance Loan Program to small businesses at a below-market interest rate. The purpose of the program is to help small businesses retain jobs and assist in providing financial assistance to businesses affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the city's web page at for additional information and to download the application.

Lisa Blanchard

Accepting Applications for Public Works Supervisor

The City of Minonk is accepting resumes and applications for the Public
Works Supervisor position. Applications may be picked up at Minonk City
Hall, 670 Chestnut Street Minonk IL 61760, during regular business hours
8-12, 1-5, M-F, or downloaded from the city website at

All applicants must complete and submit a City of Minonk employment
application form to City Hall either in person during business hours, or by
email to Applications must be received by 5
pm Friday May 22, 2020 to be considered for this position.

Position description and requirements is also available for download on the
city website.

The City of Minonk is an EOE/AA employer.

Lisa Blanchard

Additional Information for the Town-Wide Clean Up

All general waste will be accepted during the upcoming Town-Wide Clean Up days except for the following items:

Regular household garbage and recycling
Landscape waste
Liquid waste
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Paint (unless dry in can)
Concrete, Brick, Rock, Soil, or Ashes

Lisa Blanchard

Minonk Annual Water Quality Report

The Minonk annual water quality report is available at To speak to someone about this report or to request a copy, call (309) 432-2644.

Lisa Blanchard

Amy S. Kleen: If someone wants to you can go to this website and let this woman know and she will check out your water. There is a form you fill out with name and phone number....and asked for a brief reason why you think there is a problem with your water....
Home - Erin Brockovich
Teresa McKenzie: I still think there's a correlation with Minonk water and cancer. But that's just me.
Jannie Herman: Is it safe for human consumption?
Melanie Olson Mills: I have not and will not drink the water here. EVER!
Ronda Hodge: Melanie Olson Mills us either. My cat Sammy even gets filtered water.

Town-wide Clean Up Scheduled for June 12-13

The City of Minonk's Town-Wide Clean Up is scheduled for Friday June 12th from 8 am – 4 pm, and Saturday June 13th from 8 am to 12 pm. Electronics will not be accepted. Please note this is for the residents of Minonk, and proof of residency may be required when dropping off. A driver's license, copy of a water or other utility bill with a Minonk address is sufficient proof. The drop off location will be across from New Millenium Park on the north side of town.

City Admin Bill Moline

Mine Trail

If the city is trapping to kill, they could at least have the courtesy to flag or mark the traps. A nice bright orange or pink marker would be nice. The beavers or pest wouldn't know what that flag would mean. Because those faded ripped up signs are not much good.

Jack Franks

Library Due Dates

Filger Library due dates are now June 13.

Susan Ryan

City Hall Open to the Public May 4th

City Hall will reopen to the public on Monday May 4th. Out of concern for your safety and the safety of our workers, we ask if you can still conduct your business by phone, email and pay utility bills via the drop box, to please do so. If you feel you need to enter City Hall, you will be required to wear a mask and practice safe social distancing guidelines while you wait to be helped.

Bill Moline, City Administrator

Minonk Lanes Special

The Minonk Lanes will be having a rib dinner Saturday night. Ribs, au gratin potatoes and green beans. $11.95 You can pre order. 432-2737

Diane Halley Ladd