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Emails for January 2020

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Parks & Rec Board Needs Volunteers

Attention Minonk residents! The Parks and Rec board has 3 open seats with a 4th seat open soon. We need volunteers to fill these seats and help with some of the responsibilities involved. It's easy stuff for the sake of local sports. If you've ever thought about being active in your community, this is a great place to start. Without this board, there will be no sports for your children. Please consider volunteering. You can pick up an application at City Hall. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Dustin Freeman

Jono Stears: Looking forward to getting these seats filled! Planning for the baseball season is currently underway...thank you Parks & Rec for all that you do to enable these programs for the children of the community!

Questions date on old photo

I ran across this photo while researching my first grade teacher, Miss Carita (Lula) Spires. I was born July 25, 1939 so started school in the fall of 1945 and my first year teacher was Lula, as she was called, Spires. The picture of the "Third Grade Class", submitted by Martha Cunningham, states that she was teaching some where else, I respectfully think there is a mistake in the years.
Thank you,

Ed Oltman

Editor's note:The author informed me that further researched indicates that his teacher was in fact Carita Spires's mother Lula who was his teacher rather than Carita. So the dates are correct.

A Follow-up on Dave's Editorial

The USA is second in wind energy production behind China.
Illinois is the sixth-ranked state. Read some facts and figures here:

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, we had a guest, an electrician, who is employed installing these machines. His descriptions of their installation were most interesting.For example, each group of 8 or 10 machines has a "master". It can adjust its orientation to always face the wind. When it turns, the "slaves" all turn in unison. This is less costly than giving every machine wind direction sensing ability.

Design parameters are still improving in the quest for maximum output.

James Flynn

New Year's Garbage Pickup Schedule

LaRose Disposal garbage pickup the week of 12-30 will be as follows:

Normal Thursday pick up will be Friday

Normal Friday pick up will be Saturday

City Admin Bill Moline