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Emails for July 2020

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Wreck on Route116

Just today I traveled that route & noted where the 3 young guys were killed recently.

Within about a mile of there, back in 1961, Dale Harms was killed when his car hit a tree - on the last day of our Senior classes.

Also within about a mile, back in the 1950s, there was a 2-car wreck that I believe killed 11 people. I remember that because my dad helped with ambulance service then and told how horrible that scene was.

So that small stretch of highway has had some very gruesome history.

Marv Cremer

Posting Error has been corrected

Several viewers have attempted to post something on the MinonkPost webpage and an error has occurred causing the post not to be completed. This error has been corrected and you should be able to make a post without receiving an error message. Please contact me at if you are having any problems.

David Uphoff

Scam in the area

It was just reported to me that there is a scam going around in communities surrounding Minonk targeting the elderly. The scam is asking people to transfer money for purchase of gift cards only to not get them and be out the money.

City Admin Bill Moline


Thanks to you & the readers for the input on masks.

I look at it like this & tell the N0-MASKERS:
It's like wearing seat-belts, which they probably do.
In the scheme of things, it costs virtually nothing.

AND it just may save their life or that of someone else!!

Marv Cremer

Thanks for COVID Links

Hi, Dave.
Thank you for your recent post on the importance of wearing masks in public spaces. The underlying factors that could exacerbate COVID-19 symptoms are vast, and we don't know enough about the virus to make a determination as to our own personal risk based on age, or existing or prior health factors. Obesity, asthma, reduced kidney, heart, or lung function, as well as other health conditions all increase risk for the more severe symptoms of the virus. Thanks for adding the COVID19 links on Minonktalk.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I'll continue to wear my mask.

Thank you for reminding the community that we aren't out of the dark yet.

Brandi Hofmann

Comment on Masks

Dave, your editorial is spot on! Glad to hear Minonk is holding it's own, in terms of low COVID numbers. I live in southern AZ where numbers are escalating every day b/c our Governor Ducey refuses to call for mandatory wearing of masks. However, our county has dictated the wearing of masks when outside one's home.

May God help us all as we trudge through these difficult Pandemic months. May we come out at the other end in a new normal that includes a cohesive society, willing to work together towards a better USA.

Martha Ashton

Paul Janssen 80th birthday

Please consider sending Paul a birthday card.
His birthday is August 4th

731 N 4th Rd
Rutland, IL 61358

St Jude Runners

We will be providing water and bananas for St Jude runner tomorrow. We are on the corner of 4th and Lincoln. Fans will be running under the tent. Stop by and cool off.

JoAnn Ruestman

Notice to MinonkTalk Subscribers

It appears that several MinonkTalk subscribers received emails addressed to other subscribers a few days ago from MinonkTalk. The intent was to provide subscribers with a reminder of their User ID and password for MinonkTalk. It also appears that not everyone received any email at all. Those who reported getting multiple emails said they were about 20 to 30 in number.

There are about 280 subscribers and I estimate only about 60 subscribers received an email. Of those it appears only a few got emails addressed to other subscribers. To put it bluntly, the whole effort was a failure as not everyone even got an email and some of those who did got too many.

We deeply regret this foul-up and offer apologies to our subscribers. Fortunately, only names, email addresses, User ID and password were included in the emails. There is no private information such as birth dates, social security numbers, addresses, etc stored on the MinonkTalk subscriber database.

There is probably a 80% chance your User ID and password were not sent to someone else. However if you feel unsure, it is recommended that you change your password just to make sure you have a password that is private to you. It is probably a good idea to change passwords periodically anyway, although I am not offering this as an excuse.

You can change your password by going to this link.

If you feel more comfortable in wanting a new User ID and password, send me your User ID to and I will delete your subscriber data and then you can sign in at the above link and re-subscribe using a new User ID and password.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter.

David Uphoff

Error in Emails Sent to Subscribers

Two people have reported that they received multiple emails addressed to someone other than themselves from MinonkTalk concerning their ID and passwords. If anyone else has received emails intended for someone else please contact me at

David Uphoff

Correction to Email Sent to Subscribers

An email was sent this afternoon (Monday) to MinonkTalk subscribers showing them their user ID and password for MinonkTalk. Unfortunately, the link to the new MinonkPost webpage was incorrect. The link should be

If you wish to suscribe to MinonkTalk in order to use the new MinonkPost webpage you can go directly to

We apologize for the confusion.

David Uphoff

MDR Class of 1979 Reunion Cancelled

"Due to COVID-19, the September 12th, 2020 MDR Class of 1970 reunion has been cancelled. As conditions improve, the reunion committee will consider the options available with everyone's safety in mind."

Ted Hartzler

Library Book Donations

Filger Library accepts book donations. However, we ask that you please check the copyright dates before you bring them to the library. We only accept books that are from the year 2010 or newer. Thank you for your consideration.

Susan Ryan