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Emails for November 2019

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Leaf Pickup Temporarily Suspended | Bennington Wind Turbine Update | Thanksgiving Garbage Pickup | Garage sale 11-16-2019 | Nuisance Regulations on Leaf Burning | Leaf Pickup Rules |

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Leaf Pickup Temporarily Suspended

Residential leaf pick up will be temporarily suspended after Friday 11/15 until further notice. The Public Works crew must concentrate efforts on curbed streets and leaf piles already pushed to the street in addition to other projects. Once caught up on the other projects and more leaves fall, the city will communicate when residential pick up will resume. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Bill Moline

Bennington Wind Turbine Update

The first special use permit meeting was held on October 17 in Lacon. Five zoning board members were present. Despite an overwhelming citizen majority expressing negative views, the board vote was tied, with one abstention.

This special use permit will be presented to the full county board November 14 at 8:30 a.m. at the Marshall Co. courthouse. The request to make this an evening meeting was denied.

Opponents may email county board chairman Gary Kroeschen at to express your feelings. You may also call him at (815) 452-2312.

It is imperative that opponents also contact Dan Knight, Bennington Twp. road commissioner, at, and urge him not to issue a road-use agreement for wind turbine construction in Bennington.

Reportedly, there are two more concerns looking for a place to build wind turbines, who are waiting for the outcome of these actions.

James Flynn

Ben Janssen: People from these companies will say anything to get you to sign up. Don't buy into it. Nothing but a headache
Keith Paris: More wind farms the better. Can't have enough. Way better than alternatives coal or nuclear energy
Jeff Peterson: 'You won't understand it until you live it' WIND-WATCH.ORG
Jeff Peterson: What the shadows look like in your house

Thanksgiving Garbage Pickup

Garbage pickup the week of Thanksgiving will be as follows:

Normal Thursday pickup will be Friday
Normal Friday pickup will be Saturday

City Admin Bill Moline

Garage sale 11-16-2019

Moving/garage sale 11-16-19, 7-11 am. Bicycles, varied power, lawn and garden tools, kitchen items, women's shoes, and sundry items. A couple of furniture items. Some free stuff. 516 East 4th Street, Minonk.

Dan Oakley

Nuisance Regulations on Leaf Burning

9.10.010 Public Nuisance
(22) Leaf Burning: Any person who burns leaves and or other landscape waste between 8:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. shall be deemed guilty of causing a nuisance
(23) Burning on Streets: Any person building a fire on any asphalt street or sidewalk shall be deemed guilty of causing a nuisance
(24) Uncontained Burning: Any person burning off the leaves or vegetation from any area in the city shall be deemed guilty of causing a nuisance.

City Admn. Bill Moline

Pam Jolly: I almost always burn after sundown so I don't cause an issue for children and adults with health issues that are out during daylight hours plus I stay by the fire to watch for issues. Seems like more of a nuisance to burn during the day.
Gina Fredericks Swintek: Burning leaves is horrible for those with breathing issues and asthma.
Ina Reinders: "A nuisance"? That's all?
Marcia Kettwich:Is there anything that covers unattended fires or doing it on a windy day?
Amanda Jenkins: My neighbor was doing it last night and apparently didn't know there was something in it and it made a loud boom

Leaf Pickup Rules

The City of Minonk will be initiating the residential leaf pick up process starting November 5th, focusing first on getting the streets cleaned up prior to residential piles ready for pick up. We will continue to pick leaves up the week of November 11th, as weather and time permit. The east side of Chestnut St. will be done before moving to the west side of Chestnut St. There are still a number of leaves that need to fall, so your patience will be greatly appreciated as we work through this process. The following rules must be adhered to in order for leaves to be picked up:

1) Leaves only – keep piles of brush separate from the leaves.
2) Leaves must be placed at the edge of your property within 3 feet of the street or pushed into the street for easier pick up.
3) DO NOT place leaves on gravel drives or parking areas. If placed on gravel they will not be picked up.
4) DO NOT mow grass clippings/leaves into the street for pick up

Lisa Blanchard