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• 6-15: City Council Agenda June 17
• 6-14: Putting Illinois on the road to economic recovery
• 6-14: Rep. Bennett to host constituent meeting in El Paso
• 6-13: Tall Oaks announces Junior League Golf Program
• 6-13: Black Partridge Honors JAC Winner
• 6-8: Motel 6 adds improvements - hiring housekeepers
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• 6-12: Classified Ad: Caregiver
• 6-12: Classified Ad: Fieldcrest Middle School Building Secretary
• 6-12: Email:The family of Adam Kingen
• 6-10: Editorial: Farmers can benefit from more crop diversification
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- Mark and Tracy Harlan anniversary
- Stephen O'Riley birthday
- Matthew Grimsley Birthday
- Tim Danbury birthday
- katrina rodriguez birthday
- Amazing Local Popcorn Program June 17

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Corn knee high to a grasshopper

Due to the wet spring and late planting, corn shown here on June 13 is usually knee high this time of the year but now is only knee high to a grasshopper.

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