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Below is a photo of a painting by Dave Uphoff. The website for all his paintings can be seen at Sales of his paintings go toward funding the MinonkTalk website.
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Farm by River

New paint job

Workers are painting the cornice on the Goodwin building at the southwest corner of Fifth and Chestnut. The building is occupied by Tom Janssen Law Office and Meyer-Jochums Agency who received a TIF grant from the City for the remodeling project. Photo provided by Janet Redenius.

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• 7-25: Event: Class of '69 host MDR class of '68, '70 reunion
• 7-23: FYF Equipment Hand-out
• 7-22: Event: FYF Equipment Hand-out Aug. 3rd
• 7-22: Fieldcrest Board Agenda for July 29th
• 7-21: Cookie Dough
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• 7-27: Old photo - Threshing Run
• 7-23: Email:FYF Equipment Hand-out August 3rd
• 7-22: Email:TIF District Comment
• 7-21: Editorial: Why delay the decision on the Wenona TIF extension?
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- Bobby Hartzler birthday
- Melanie Olson birthday
- Josiah Hartzler birthday

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