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Minonk City Wide Garage Sale - 4/25
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• 4-17: Budget Public Hearing and City Councl Agenda April 20
• 4-16: Funeral arrangement for Robert Hock, Sr. is May 4th
• 4-14: Village Aires Concert set for May 2 and 3
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• 4-16: Alumni update for William Duncan Warren
• 4-15: Email:Fieldcrest Board of Education to hold community meetings
• 4-15: Classified Ad: appliances
• 4-14: Email:Loose dog caught
• 4-14: Email:Lost/confused dog roaming the area
• 4-13: Email:Food recall from Minonk Township Food Pantry
• 4-11: Email:very well put
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- Jeremy Lane birthday
- Heath Allen birthday
- Kelli McClernon birthday
- Valerie smith haugens birthday

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Farm by River

Spring birds are back

Its that time of the year when the unusual birds make their appearance in the area as they migrate north. This is a photo of a rufous towhee found in our back yard.

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