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Emails for October 2019

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City Postponing Hydrant Flushing | Bennington Township Wind Turbines | Thanks from family of Marjorie Cullen for cards | Food Pantry can use empty containers | New Pump | Fieldcrest to share benefits of renewable entergy | Thanks for successful bake sale | Accepting Care Packages and Donations for Vets Overseas | "Operation Kindness Matters" started | Notice of Hydrant Flushing Week of Oct. 14 | Need to call LaRose Disposal for Flooding Trash |

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City Postponing Hydrant Flushing

The city of Minonk is postponing flushing the hydrants until done with the improvements at the Water Treatment plant.

City Admin Bill Moline

Bennington Township Wind Turbines

The first special use permit meeting will be held October 17 in Lacon. Locals here are organizing to complain at this meeting, and to urge refusal of this permit.

There is a place for these turbines, perhaps, but not where they can degrade quality of life to such an extent. I need only to look at those in Livingston Co., that ruin a summer evening sitting outdoors. Would I buy my property again, if it is surrounded by these machines? Never. Will I get a break in property taxes for this reduction in value? Of course not.

In addition, they require financial incentives of $40,000 to $70,000 each to even become a net electricity producer, according to National Geographic.

Let's not give so much for so little. We can never get it back.

James Flynn

Lynn Tweedt-Rabinowe: You are so smart to resist this silliness. These turbines are a waste of resources, land, and raw materials.
Broc Hovey: Can't wait to hear the whooping of the blades that sound like a jet plane and seeing all the stupid red lights blink.....
Todd Greskoviak: Couldn't agree more

Thanks from family of Marjorie Cullen for cards

The family of Marjorie Cullen wish to express our sincere gratitude to those who remembered our Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma on her 100th birthday with cards, flowers and thoughts and prayers. THANK ALL of you.

Family of Marjorie Cullen

Food Pantry can use empty containers

I would like to remind everyone that the Food Pantry can use your empty, clean laundry detergent and fabric softener containers. Please bring to City Hall and place them on the table on the north side of the meeting room. Midwest Distribution says they will need empty containers at least through the end of the year.

Lila McCulley

New Pump

Why would they tie up the skid steer when they need a pump for the lift station. Next thing they will do is come and say we need to purchase another skid steer to have available when we need to run the secondary pump. Also if the lift station is not large enough to hand storms why are they not looking to upgrade it instead of purchasing secondary pumps every so many years.

Scott Francis

Fieldcrest to share benefits of renewable entergy

Fieldcrest CUSD 6 is pleased to share the benefits of renewable energy and the positive impact these resources will have on our school district.
If your organization is interested in this information, please join us at the district office on Tuesday, October 8th at 3pm.

Dr. Kari Rockwell

Thanks for successful bake sale

Many thanks to our great community on another successful bake sale in Memory of Joey Buis. Save the date of October 3rd, 2020 for next years!

Amanda Whited

Accepting Care Packages and Donations for Troops Overseas

The Heart of Illinois Blue Star Mothers are accepting care package items at Minonk Community Bank and other area locations, and monetary donations through October 11th for deployed troops serving overseas. Click here for item list.

Monetary donations can be made payable to "Blue Star Mothers" and mailed to 401 N. Reiter, Benson, IL, 61516. Thank you!!

Debbie Ackerman Leigh

"Operation Kindness Matters" started

Family and friends. I have wanted to do something for our veterans for several years now. And time has always gotten away from me. So this year, I'm not going to let time slip away again.

The name of this project is a "Operation Kindness Matters". For those of you who follow me on Facebook. You know that "Kindness Matters" is my mantra. So this name just made sense.

So here's the deal I'm going to be putting together a hundred gift bags for the veterans at the Manteno VA. It is an assisted living facility for vets. There are 297 veterans at this facility . Michele Shear (the lady I'm dealing with at the home) and I decided to start this year with a hundred. And hopefully next year will be able to add them all. I will be collecting items for the bags. I have a list compiled that Michelle and I came up with. You can either donate items or monetary donations. Once we have everything collected. I will purchase the remaining items not donated. You can reach me through my cell phone at 501-650-4147 or 309-432-2164 or email at or Facebook.

Click here for a list of items.

Mary Cunningham

Notice of Hyfdrant Flushing Week of Oct. 14

The City of Minonk Public Works Department will be FLUSHING FIRE HYDRANTS the week of October 14, 2019. The water may be temporarily discolored, but will be safe for consumption. However, discoloration of clothing during laundry may occur. If your water looks discolored, let it run for a few minutes.

Lisa Blanchard

Need to call LaRose Disposal for Flooding Trash

The City of Minonk has been receiving calls inquiring about bulk trash pickup resulting from flooded properties. The City's contract with LaRose Disposal is only for normal weekly trash service and the 1 or 2 large item pick up the first of each month. If you need removal of damaged items from flooding, you will have to contact LaRose Disposal to arrange for removal at your own cost. The number for LaRose Disposal is 309-399-8481.

Lisa Blanchard