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Emails for October 2018

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New School, Truths and Lies | Oktoberfest Cancelled | Repairing High School & Middle School vs Building New | Thanks to Fire Department | Woodford Field Fire | Fieldcrest Board to Hold Public Meeting Oct. 10 | City of Minonk Water Survey | Petri's Pourhouse Closed Friday Oct. 5th | Haunted House? |

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Repairing High School & Middle School vs Building New

At the recent Fieldcrest Building Referendum meeting another topic was also discussed. That topic was what could happen if the referendum isn't approved. If the voters turn down the building referendum, the State of IL 10-yr Health/Life Safety repairs will still need to be completed. THAT WOULD RESULT IN OUR TAXES BEING INCREASED TOO. Those repairs are expected to be in excess of $25,000,000 and the school district doesn't have the money available to do them without borrowing it. The cost would be for repairs needed for the high school and middle school (repairs to primary and intermediate schools were completed this past Summer).

This a difficult decision as no one wants their taxes to go up but in this situation it appears it will happen either way. If I were to choose it would be for new buildings on donated land rather than waiting another 10-20 years when building costs will surely increase and we may not be so fortunate as to having the land given to us.

Marcia Kettwich

David Dunham: I agree, may as well have something to show for our money rather than band-aiding older buildings and in another 10 years to spend more on band-aids
Mindy Johnson: I hope others understand this! I'm afraid they don't.
David Dunham: Mindy Johnson me too. There was a very slim crowd the other night at meeting.
Patrick Copp: Really surprised that not many showed up to the school board meeting in the gym Wednesday night. I thought it was very informative. Please get the facts before Nov. 6th.

Woodford Field Fire

I would like to thank everyone who helped in putting out our field fire at the Woodford Farm this past week. Special thanks to Minonk and El Paso Fire Departments and also to the farmer who worked the ground around the fire to keep it contained.

Thank You,

Kay McKay

City of Minonk Water Survey

The City of Minonk water and sewer departments have mailed a Residential Cross Connection Control Survey to account holders. This is an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirement, and its purpose is to identify possible sites that could cross contaminate the potable drinking water distribution system. This does not mean there is an issue. The survey is a tool used to find possible areas of concern. Surveys may be mailed or dropped off at City Hall located at 670 N Chestnut St. Minonk, IL 61760 or placed in the water bill drop box in the parking lot near the recycling trailer. Please return the surveys within the next 15 days. If you do not receive a survey, you can download a form from the City's website at

Thank you.

Lisa Blanchard

Haunted House?

Is Minonk having a Haunted House this month(October)?

Lisa Tutko

New School, Truths and Lies

You know why there was not good turnout, the tax payers of the district are tired of being lied too. Not one time this district went to the tax payers and asked for money in its 25 year they didn't get it. And time and time again they have gotten money and wasted it. We have building sitting half empty, we have new additions built with substandard materials. New grade school addition and the student cubies are made from press wood. For 25 years they have not maintained building now they say we heard the tax payers we will do a better job we promise. You go to meeting about these new building they don't have answers, they should have ever answer before hand planned out that could be asked. The 1 month before the tax payers vote finally have Architectural rendering of the new school. But nothing on how it's going to be built what types of material is it pressed wood and plastic or is it going to be hard woods and steel, what type of HVAC will be used, in 10 years with this cheaply built building start falling apart, are they going to just let it fall apart, or are they going to ask for more money, when the teacher contract comes up are they going to ask for more money, when the Janitors and service employee contract come up are they going to ask for more money? When the state cuts back on money paid are they going come with the cans, when the state dumps the pension on the districts when then. You plan raising taxes on the tax payers of the district 30-40% maybe your really not sure. I see nothing on where the buses are kept in Minonk are you planning to taking all the buses back to Wenona or Toluca each night when your large student population is in the Minonk area. Nobody yet has ever said what happens if we push the life safety requirements out over 10 or maybe 20 years what will happen, the state will not come in and force it they do not have the money they will not take over the school they don't have the money. What are these smaller school around us doing they don't have the money. What about Roanoke who just built that new addition and now wants to consolidate since they can't afford it. You write a vague Referendum basically states trust us with your money we know what to do with it, for 25 years we haven't but now we do. We as a district have lost 20% of the enrollment and projected to lose another 20% there is now good paying jobs in the area to draw people in and now your raising taxes 30% or 40% and you really think people will choose our district over the surrounding districts where taxes are less. Do one thing be honest one time to the tax payers of the district, just one time

Mary Fransis

Pam Jolly: Here's a thought...whatever you decide on this issue if you want to be heard other than on Facebook, I'd suggest you go and VOTE! If you aren't registered, I'd suggest you do it! Make your voice heard no matter if it's for or against!
Nancy Manning: We all need to vote or live with the consequences!!!
Jill Ludwig: They don't broadcast they are already over budget and going to cut corners. How well is this school going to be built in order to save money or bring the costs down? What will we do without kids to fill it? Most of all no one talks about the added costs to tear down the High school, bus garages, gym or Wenona's school. If the Presbyterian Church costs $300,000 - what will the bigger buildings cost be? Where does the community go in an emergency without the gym? How well will the New buildings hold up to a tornado? I agree it won't bring people to our town and the higher taxes will draw them away from our town. We don't have all the facts after several years and may never know all the hidden things! Old schools can be brought up to code and used. They are well built and still of value. A lot of schools are doing what we plan to do and finding out they can't make it now and the tax payers are left holding the bag and debt. Think and VOTE! Get out and Don't let others VOTE for you....
Donald Cline: I think we should build a woodford county school in the middle of woodford county and all the small towns could share the cost.Just think we might get a good sports team.
Christine Cunningham: Ask the life safety inspector how many buildings they have closed....the school has been trying to push hidden agendas since the beginning of the consolidation.
Michael Cave: My question is now the life-saving improvements are 25 mil instead of the 15 mil. So we're on the hook for 25 mil regardless.
Lee Baker: I have a diploma from that mess of a district, but I didn't learn a damn thing. I had three good teachers in seven years, the rest were just overpaid babysitters. When you can make your teachers look stupid, and get sent to the principals office for asking questions, you might be at fieldcrest. This was at the beginning, I can imagine how horrible it is now.

Oktoberfest Cancelled

The Oktoberfest scheduled for Saturday, October 13, in downtown Minonk has been cancelled due to bad weather.

Joel Jochums

Thanks to Fire Department

I would like to take an opportunity to sincerely thank each and every firefighter that assisted with my field fire on October, 4th south of Minonk. The teamwork and skill the Minonk Fire Department displayed was truly impressive. We are fortunate to have such a great group of volunteers there when we need them the most. Once again, thank you.


Jeff Baxter

Fieldcrest Board to Hold Public Meeting Oct. 10

The Fieldcrest Board of Education invites the public to attend a community meeting October 10 2018 at 6:30 pm in the Fieldcrest High School gymnasium. The meeting is being held to present factual information regarding the building construction referendum which has been placed on the November 6, 2018 general election ballot. The meeting is expected to last approximately 1.5 hours, and there will be multiple opportunities for members of the community to ask questions regarding the referendum.

Dr. Daniel L. Oakley, Superintendent


Petri's Pourhouse Closed Friday Oct. 5th

Petri's Pourhouse will be closed Friday Oct 5th, and will reopen Sat the 6th at 5:00.

Nick Petri