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Emails for June 2019

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The family of Adam Kingen | List of Items Not Accepted in City Clean Up Days | Looking for MDR T-shirts |

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The family of Adam Kingen

Our family would like to thank everyone for their kind words of condolences and sympathy, whether it was through prayers, visits, food or all around kindness. A wonderful man has left us and will be missed by all who knew him. Thank you again to all who helped, God bless you.
Louise Kingen and family

Louise Kingen

List of Items Not Accepted in City Clean Up Days

LaRose Disposal Service said the following items will not be accepted during the city clean up days June 21 and 22.

Here is a list of items that won't be allowed in the roll-offs:

1) Tires
2) Any electronics
3) Paint
4) Hazardous waste
5) Old oil or fuel
6) No yard waste

Car batteries will be taken but can not be put in the roll-offs we will take them separately.

City Admin Bill Moline

Looking for MDR T-shirts

I am reaching out because my dad, Bernie McNamara, was in the class of 1971. He passed in 2014 and I am putting together a quilt with some of his shirts. I am in search of some Minonk or MDR T-shirts from that era to incorporate and I am not sure where else to look. If anyone could help in anyway, I would be so appreciative. I can be contacted at Thank you!!

Kelley Kinsella