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Emails for June 2018

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Brayden Cunningham | TASTE OF MINONK is in need of more pop up canopies | Found keys at laundry mat. | Library Bookdrop Temporarily Moved | Reminder on Fireworks Ordinance |

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Brayden Cunningham

Congratulations to Brayden Cunningham.

Dean Uphoff

Found keys at laundry mat.

Found outside of Minonk laundry mat. They are at the Minonk police station.

Steve Sprague


Reminder on Fireworks Ordinance

Reminder: As we get closer to the July 4th Holiday and to keep our Community safe, ensure only legal fireworks are purchased. Please follow the City Code of Ordinances on fireworks (Chapter 9.38) that describes what is legal, and also states "No fireworks shall be discharged, ignited or exploded less than 600 ft. from any building structure." Please contact the Minonk Police Department to report violations of this ordinance.

Lisa Blanchard

TASTE OF MINONK is in need of more pop up canopies

With the hi heat in the forecast today, we would like to have more of our picnic tables in the shade for the "TASTE" tonight. If anyone would like to donate their canopy to help shade a table, please come and setup your canopy anytime today before 4:30. Please label your canopy with your name and take your storage bag with you. If you are unable to set it up, please call Christie Ruestman at 309-261-2817.

Christie Ruestman

Library Bookdrop Temporarily Moved

The Library Bookdrop has been removed temporarily, due to an accidental collision. Please return all library materials inside during library hours. Reminder: you can call the library at 432-2929 at any time to renew the materials you have checked out. Leave a message clearly giving your name, if the library is closed. Sorry for the inconvenience - our replacement Bookdrop should arrive soon!

Debra Blunier