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Emails for July 2018

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School | Roads to be Closed for St. Jude Event | Problem with Minonk Water? | School | Congratulations to Marge Dunham | Thank you from the Minonk to Peoria runners! | Congratulations to Marge Dunham | Congratulations to Marge Dunham | Minonk to Peoria St Jude Run | Free decking | Update on new building near city cemetery | Hazardous waste disposal | New building near city cemetery | Free items for seniors | Notices from City of Minonk | Confusing | Comments on Editorial | 4th of July Drawdown Winners | No Garbage Pickup on Thursday |

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Roads to be Closed for St. Jude Event

The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run Team is having a fundraiser on Saturday August 18th.The event is called Rockin and Runnin for the kids of St. Jude.

The event will include a 5K Run/Walk and Kids Fun Run. The Kids Fun Run will start at 8:00am and the 5K at 8:15a.m. Events will be over by 9:15 am. The City of Minonk has approved the course and this letter is to notify you that the streets will be blocked off for this event.

The route is an out and back course. Kids Fun Run starts Veterans Park and kids will run to John Street and then back. The 5K route begins at the northwest edge of Veterans Park and will go to Mary, then out 7th St to 2800 and then will turn around and come back on same route.

The roads that will be affected are:

2200 (Closed to traffic by Veterans Park)
2700 (closed to traffic by Veterans Park)
Mary ( from Veterans Park to 7th St)
7th St all the way to 2800
2800 closed to traffic both sides of 7th St

We expect streets to only be blocked for about an hour or so.

Thank you for your cooperation! Come join us for this event! We hope to raise a ton of money for the kids of St. Jude!!!

Thank you for your support of the Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Runners as we continue to help the children and families of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Thank you,
The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run Team



So, let me get this straight, if I read this referendum wording correctly. What I read is "Tax Payers" of Fieldcrest school district. You shall give us almighty Fieldcrest school board who know better than you tax payers a blank check, and we will decide with this blank check what we shall do for this new school, our only thing we have to do for you is make sure it is built in Minonk and Wenona, other than that you sit down and shut up and we will decide what to do. PS if you vote no we will figure some way to punish you, peasants

John Barth

Thank you from the Minonk to Peoria runners!

The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude run team would like to thank all who donated and served as sponsors for our 8th annual run which was completed on August 4th 2018. This year we were able to raise $105,000.00! This brings our eight year total to $756,000.00! We would like to recognize and thank you for this great success that would not be possible without your contributions.

Please continue to watch for upcoming events for out 8th Annual Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run. Some of the events this year includes: Bingo Night, Rocking & Running, Pancake Breakfast at Pontiac Elk's Club, Light up the Night (luminaries), and many more individual fundraising events.

Silver Sponsors

Michael Meier DMD
City of Toluca
Minonk Community Bank
St. Pauls U.C.C
Green Tree Pharmacy
Bank of Pontiac
Ruff Bros Grain
Tjaden Construction

Gold Sponsors

Meierhofer Construction
Livingston Stone Co.
Midwest Dental
Drake Family Dental
Geldean Trucking
Lisle Woodridge Fire Local 2986
Ricky Bane Family
Luckey Trucking
Joe's Seal N Stripe
5m Construction
Minonk Car Wash
Gold Star Fitness
Dr. John and Karen Podzamsky
Uftring Automotive
Naylor Family Farms
American Buildings
Tom Janssen
Meyer Joshums Agency
Heartland Cable
Heineke Electric
Eye Surgical Associates
Herman's Body Shop

Platinum Sponsors

Just Core
In honor of Ken and Sharon Lindley
Dan & Beth Oakley
Marquis Energy
Studio 214
Fieldcrest Dental
Minonk Chocolate Co.

Amy Stimpert

Congratulations to Marge Dunham

Congratulations to Marge Dunham for 40 years of service to the 4H children. This is an amazing dedication to the program and all of the children she has helped during those years.

Mark & Kris Lohr

Free decking

Free composite decking available at my shop 203 Oak.
Won't rot etc.

John Hawk

Hazardous waste disposal

I will be emptying out my house next week and I have a lot of hazardous waste i.e. paint, sprays, cleaners, pesticides, etc. Is there anywhere fairly local where I can take these things?

Bobbie Evans Stewart

Free items for seniors

We have two three- wheeled walkers for seniors and a shower stool that were used by elderly family members. I have them by the road in front of our house at 230 Howard Drive, Minonk. They're free to whoever gets here and takes them first.

Lila McCulley


I'm sorry- I can see as to how my first letter was very confusing.

Onyx DIDN'T kill the other dog.

Feeling like a fool-
Rhonda White

Rhonda White

Comments on Editorial

Your editorial made it on to my Facebook page. Judging by the comments listed with it, it took courage to write.

I am a New Yorker and an Independent. I want to share with you what escapes most of this nation. Trump's approval rating in NYC is very low. That is because NYC knows this man for decades. He is not "a businessman". He is a crook who has built his wealth on the backs of others including through shady financing, not paying contractors and multiple bankruptcies. It is interesting that NYC is the financing capital of our nation but Trump does not seem to use the banks there, seemingly due to his reputation and history. No one questions his shady relationship to Deutsche Bank or coziness with "Russian Investors". Perhaps this is how he finances his deals because so few conventional lenders will touch him. Then there is his "Foundation" which is another crime in plain sight.

Michael Bloomberg, Republican turned Independent and completely self-made billionaire came to the Democratic Convention for HC to say in clear, loud language, "this is not a man that this nation wants for President".He knew, personally, as highly respected longtime NYC businessman and 3-time mayor. Those words will always stay with me. Look up that haunting speech...

As to those who are still drinking the Kool-aid, tell them to look at a ten-year graph of any of the major indicators; growth, stock market value, unemployment, etc. ...they will find that the trajectory is fairly constant and in some cases was stronger for periods under Obama. The exception is the short-term stock market exuberance over the Republican Tax Cut which is using a credit card to borrow $1.3 Trillion to reward the nation's wealthiest people and corporations, that will have to be paid by many generations, irrespective of their incomes. That graph is not likely to stay strong long and in fact is pretty unsteady this year.

It is obscene...I could just go on and on but will not.

Thank you for your opinion!

Ted W. Mallin

No Garbage Pickup on Thursday

All garbage pick ups all being done on Friday due to the Holiday. No Thursday pick up next week.

Bill Moline
Administrative Manager
City of Minonk



Well I was to coffee this morning after church and heard some disturbing news. I would like a comment from a board member when I am done. I was told that the school is measuring out a plot for the new school on the north end of town in a bean field. No where have i heard that plan proposed. If this is so people are being told falsehoods. I am so upset that there is so much deceit going on with this school proposal. Would someone p!ease step up to the plate and tell the truth . I was also told there was a plan and draft submitted to put the junior high behind the high school and that was taken off the table . Does anyone else feel like we are being told what they wAnt us to hear and not the truth? I am sorry if I have offended anyone but at this point I feel there is a lot behind the scenes we are not being told.

Teresa cirks

Problem with Minonk Water?

Is there a problem with water in Minonk?? My water heater is making lots of noise. Banging and popping. Never done that before. It's not leaking or anything. Anyone else have this problem??

Joy Potthoff

Congratulations to Marge Dunham

What a wonderful accomplishment ~~ I am sure you have added a wonderful experience to many many people that were taught by you in 4-H over those years. It is a great dedication of many hours and a lot of love.

Mark & Kris Lohr

Congratulations to Marge Dunham

Sincere congratulations, Marge. So many years of dedication to young people to continue their interest and participation in 4-H! you deserve the honor.

Frances Barth

Minonk to Peoria St Jude Run

CONGRATS to the St Jude Runners, raising almost $106,000. this year is fantastic !! I want to thank each and every person who was involved in any way with the St Jude team.. your dedication and hard work for " The Kids" at St Jude hospitals is appreciated so much.
For central Illinois, including a team from Chicago and one from St. Louis, to raise 10.3 million dollars.... amazing...... !!!!!

Judy Reeser

Update on new building near city cemetery

The city administrator and mayor have checked out the future building site east of the cemetery and contacted the Township commissioner and they all feel confident there is a slim chance for there to be any flooding in the cemetery in case of heavy rain. The building will be designed to allow water drainage to go north and east of the cemetery. I guess time will tell.

Sherri Stokowski

New building near city cemetery

Has anyone noticed the area at the northeast side of the football field where a shed or building is about to be erected by the Minonk Township? If so, have you noticed that it will be a few feet higher than the surrounding area, namely the Minonk Township cemetery? If, like me, you have a loved one buried in that area this is a cause for concern. In case of a heavy rain this could become flooded and I don't think any of us want those graves underwater. Why was the new building area not put at the same level as the cemetery? As Minonk citizens we have the right to voice our concern against the Township.

Sherri Stokowski

Notices from City of Minonk

Brush Pick Up Notice: City-wide brush pick up is conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday of the 1st full week of each month, and prior to a Holiday. If you need to get rid of brush outside of this time frame, please take it to the City burn pile located behind JustCore Concrete.

Furniture Pick Up Notice – Only 1 piece of furniture is picked up on the first garbage pickup of the month. Please do not set multiple pieces of furniture out unless prearranged with LaRose Disposal where additional costs per item will be assessed at the time of pick up.

Adminstrative Manager
Bill Moline


4th of July Drawdown Winners

Thanks to everyone who purchased drawdown tickets to help raise money for our fireworks! Winners listed below.

Tracy Schultz
Darla and Harley
Abby Kenney
Kathy Jackson
Marla Weber
Robert Huxtable
Dennis Baker
Leta Jansen
Dale Merriman
Tim Ruestman

Susan Park