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6 B Fieldcrest tops LeRoy 66-40 - Submitted by Editor
Fieldcrest breezed by LeRoy, 66-40, Friday night at Minonk. The Knights scoring leader was Taylor Baxter with 18 while Jordan Krone added 12 and Mike DeRubeis had 10. The Knights are 11-2 for the season.
9 B Fieldcrest loses to Roanoke-Benson, 63-57 - Submitted by Editor
Roanoke-Benson outscored Fieldcrest from the free throw line, 16-2, to defeat the Knights in overtime, 63-57, at Roanoke Tuesday night. Fieldcrest (12-3) was led in scoring by Jordan Krone with 20 points while Michael DeRubeis added 13 points.
9 B MidState Stars Battle On - Submitted by Mike Zimmerman
On December 29th the MidState Stars entered the FC Peoria High School Boys 4 v 4 tournament with scoring on their minds. A tournament, which has 4 players against 4 players on a reduced indoor soccer field with reduced goal boxes. No goalies are allowed. Tournament champion would be based on total points: 3 points for a win, 2 points for a tie, no points for loss.

With teams from FC Peoria, Richwoods, Peoria Notre Dame, and Dunlap; the Stars were up against some of the best players and college recruits in Central Illinois. Though the Stars battled for every ball and scored 29 goals, the Stars came out without a victory. Nearly beating both Notre Dame teams due to some questionable calls by the referee, the Stars still did come out of the tournament as better players.

"Success is a slow process," "and with great competition it can take a longer time to become a hardened force on the field," said Coach Zimmerman of his team. "These players are making the progression to that force by their determination and spirit."

12 B Fieldcrest defeats El Paso-Gridley, 59-49 - Submitted by Editor
Fieldcrest overcame a cold first half to defeat El Paso-Gridley, 59-49, Friday night at El Paso. Michael DeRubeis and Noah Martin each had a scoring burst in the second half ending up with 18 points apiece while Jordan Krone had 14 points for the Knights who are 12-3 for the year and 6-1 in the Heart of Illinois Conference.
19 B Fieldcrest beats Tremont, 66-56 - Submitted by Editor
Fieldcrest handed Tremont its first HOI conference loss with a 66-56 win over the Turks at Tremont Friday night. Michael DeRubeis's defensive efforts held Tremont's leader scorer, Jeremy Pflederer, 9 points below his season average of 26. Jordan Krone led the Knights in scoring with 21 points and 12 rebounds while Taylor Baxter had 15 points and 11 rebounds. Fieldcrest (13-3, 7-1) controlled the boards with a 40-34 rebound advantage.
23 B Fieldcrest downs GCMS, 60-52 - Submitted by Editor
Fieldcrest rallied from a 40-31 deficit in the 3rd quarter to defeat Gibson City-Melvin-SIbley, 60-52, Tuesday night in the opening round of the McLean County Tournament in Bloomington. The Knights (14-3) were led by Jordan Krone with 24 points, seven rebounds, three steals and two assists. Taylor Baxter had 12 points and seven rebounds, while junior guard Noah Martin scored 10 points.
24 B Suggestion: Share baseball diamonds - Submitted by Minonk Foe and friend
Dave - the community controversy over where to play baseball is sad to me and is reaching far beyond the school districts borders. I played against Minonk also Wenona years and years ago. and also enjoyed the competition. It seems to me ( an admitted outsider) that your school is blessed to have two communities and maybe 3 that have usable ball diamonds. It is also a blessing that two of the communities want the facility. I am sure the issue has been thoroughly disccused, but I wonder if the school board ever thought about utilizing both fields. Rains in the Spring can be fickle, just ask your farmers. It might rain in Minonk but not in Wenona, or vise versa. You have a distinct advantage by having a choice of where and in what conditions you play. It would sure beat playing a home game at an opponents field thus losing your home edge. My suggestion is simple set up a schedule of practice and games where some of your practices and games are played at each venue. Both could be a home advantage for you neither town would be completely happy but neither would they be completely upset. The plus would be that Minonk kids would not be bussed or forced to travel 100% of the time. It might even save a little gas and time. There is pleasure in sharing!
26 B Fieldcrest loses to Heyworth, 70-67 - Submitted by Editor
A seven point run on one trip down the floor helped boost Heyworth to a 70-67 victory over Fieldcrest in the semi-finals of the McLean County Tournament in Bloomington Friday night. A 47-47 tie was broken by Heyworth with 2 free throws, a one-and-one bonus and a 3 pointer. Heyworth, who plays Tri-Valley for the championship, outscored the Knights 26-9 from the free throw line. Jordan Krone led Fieldcrest (14-4) in scoring with 15 points while Taylor Baxter added 13 and Nathan Ropp had 12.
29 B MidState Stars Begin Session 2 - Submitted by Mike Zimmerman
The MidState Stars began session 2 with a 6 –2 win over Dunlap Gold. With goals by Patrick Luckey (1), Haley Evans (1), Troy Miller (1), and Sky Emmett (3), the Stars controlled most of the game. Outstanding goal keeping by Bryan Andrews and Troy Miller who turned away 16 shots while only allowing 2 goals in the 40 minute game. Peoria Notre Dame in the 2006-2007 IHSA regional tournament defeated Dunlap. The River City Indoor Soccer League has many of the class AA IHSA tournament participants.

Coach Zimmerman was proud of the communication and passing that the Stars developed throughout the game. "With great attitude and patience in their attack, there will be many wins on the horizon", said Coach Zimmerman.

Registration for 2008 welcomes all athletic young men and young women is now open. Join in our goal of developing young high school soccer players from 14 to 18 years old for their future at the college level, and being part of the most competitive leagues in Central Illinois.

Please contact Mike Zimmerman about being a sponsor or registering with the MidState Stars Soccer Club. Phone 309-432-3057 for more information, or check out the MidState Stars Soccer Club on the viewer input community WebPages at

6 B Fieldcrest shuts down Eureka, 59-29 - Submitted by Editor
Fieldrest's zone defense held Eureka to seven points in the second half to give the Knights a convincing 59-29 win over the Hornets Tuesday night at Minonk. Jordan Krone led Fieldcrest (16-5) in scoring with 19 points while Nathan Ropp added 17 points.
9 B Fieldcrest waltzes by Heyworth, 60-46 - Submitted by Editor
Jordan Krone led Fieldcrest to a 60-46 victory over Heyworth Friday night at Minonk. Krone scored 26 points and had 11 rebounds while Taylor Baxter added 10 points, Robert Kreiser added eight and Noah Martin had seven points. The Knights are now 17-5 overall at 8-1 in the league, a half-game behind Tremont.
10 B Fieldcrest bests Dee-Mack, 49-37 - Submitted by Editor
After being down 13-9 in the first quarter, Fieldcrest rallied to down Deer Creek-Mackinaw, 49-37, Saturday night at Minonk. Nathan Ropp led the Knights in scoring with 18 points while Jordan Krone had 14 points and 5 steals. Fieldcrest is now 18-5 overall and 9-1 in Heart of Illinois Conference.
14 B Fieldcrest crushes GCMS, 67-34 - Submitted by Editor
Fieldcrest dominated Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley with an easy 67-34 victory at Minonk Wednesday night. The Knights balanced scoring was led by Jordan Krone with 16 points while Taylor Baxter added 13, Noah Martin 12 and Nathan Ropp 11. Fieldcrest is 20-5 for the season and remains tied with Tremont in the Heart of Illinois Conference at 10-1.
16 B Fieldcrest thumps Bunnies, 63-50 - Submitted by Editor
Fieldcrest ended its regular season with a 63-50 thumping of the Fisher Bunnies Friday night at Fisher. Jordan Krone led the Knights with 23 points and 13 rebounds while Nathan Ropp had 19 points and Noah Martin added 13 points as Fieldcrest (21-5, 11-1) ended up in a tie with Tremont for first place in the Heart of Illinois Conference title.
17 B MidState Stars Enter the Land of the Giants - Submitted by Mike Zimmerman
Sunday's game against Dunlap Gold was to be expected a lop-sided confrontation. Dunlap High School beat Peoria Richwoods in the IHSA AA sectionals, and lost to Peoria Notre Dame in the super-sectional final. This apparent experience opened up the game with the Stars being down 3 – 0. The Stars' frustration allowed another 4 goals for Dunlap in the first half. Adapting to the pressure by the Stars, began to show in the faces of their opponents by the end of the first 20-minute half.

The start of the second half had the Stars defense turning away countless attacks by Dunlap. With fast transition and great communication, the Stars were able to put 3 goals in the net while igniting a little rage in their opponents.

The final score of 12 – 3 didn't reflect the great play by the MidState Stars. Great goal keeping by Bryan Andrews (9 saves) and Paul Kosur (5 saves) prevented the game from being a complete blowout. Goals by Troy Miller (1) and Bryan Andrews (2) kept the team from the shutout.

Next Sunday the Stars take on Notre Dame Green.

20 B Fieldcrest beats Ottawa Marquette in Regional - Submitted by Editor
Fieldcrest downed Ottawa Marquette, 67-42, in the El Paso-Gridley 2A Regional at El Paso Tuesday night. Jordan Krone led the Knights with 16 points and six steals while Nathan Ropp made 14 points. Fieldcrest (22-5) plays Seneca in the regional final on Friday night.
23 B Fieldcrest wins Regional - Submitted by Editor
Fieldcrest won the El Paso-Gridley Regional with a convincing 66-47 victory over Seneca Friday night. Noah Martin had a career-high 31 points including five 3-pointers to lead the Knights in scoring. Nathan Ropp had 13 points and Jordan Krone added 11 points for Fieldcrest. The Knights(23-5) will play No. 2 state ranked Peoria Manual in the Princeton Sectional semifinal Tuesday night.
26 B MidState Stars Battle On - Submitted by Mike Zimmerman
Sunday night was the most physical game the MidState Stars have played yet this season. Sweet 16 entry in the IHSA AA State playoffs, Peoria Notre Dame had lost to Champaign Centennial to be eliminated. They brought their physical play and their precision passing to challenge the Stars for the full 40 minutes.
The Stars defense turned away many opportunities by ND Green with the first half ending with the Stars down 3 – 0. Though the Stars had chances in front of the ND Green goal they just couldn't capitalize.
The second 20 minutes the Stars kept their opponent on there heals, but still couldn't find the net. The game ended with the loss for the Stars 7 - 0.
With 19 shots on goal by the Stars, and 29 take-aways; the Stars played their best game this session. Goalkeepers Paul Kosur had (13) saves, while Bryan Andrews had (5) saves taking over late in the second half.
"The score again doesn't reflect the play of this team," said Coach Zimmerman. "The solid play by Sky Emmett, Paul Kosur, Jordan Stalter, Bryan Andrews, Troy Miller, Justin Miller, Haley Evans, Patrick Luckey, and Dylan Zimmerman cannot be measured by the score when playing this level of opponents." "All of those goals where earned and not given, along with some bruises and bumps." proudly speaking of his team.
Next Sunday the MidState Stars take on the home team from FC Peoria at 5:30 pm and then take on league newcomer, the Braves at 6:15 pm. Anyone interested in joining the MidState Stars Soccer Club or becoming a sponsor; please contact Mike Zimmerman at 309-432-3057.
27 B Peoria Manual ousts Fieldcrest - Submitted by Editor
Peoria Manual finished Fieldcrest's season with a 78-51 victory over the Knights in the Princeton Class 2A Sectional semi-finals Tuesday night. Fieldcrest jumped out to an early lead and stayed close to the Rams who normally play Class 4A schools, but were down by 6 at half-time. Jordan Krone led the Knights with 24 points as Fieldcrest finished the season with a 23-6 record.
10 B MidState Stars Play 2 - Submitted by Mike Zimmerman
Winning is attitude and hard work. The ever evolving and growing MidState Stars came to the Midwest Sports Complex with two games ahead of them Sunday night. Having just added to their roster more players from El Paso and Roanoke, the Stars were looking forward to playing FC Peoria White for the first time this session. The home team coached by Jerry Crabtree, former head coach of Bradley University, and one-time teammate of Coach Zimmerman when he played for Peoria Traction in the early 1980's. FC Peoria team of high school underclassmen were well trained and played a well-executed style of soccer.
For the first time, the Stars were relaxed and patient in their approach to defense and their transition toward scoring. With goals by Justin Miller (2), Nathan Kennell (1), Bryan Andrews (1), and Troy Miller (1); the Stars came away with a 5 – 4 win.
With a (6) saves by Bryan Andrews and (5) saves by Paul Kosur, the stingy Stars' defense turned away (20) scoring opportunities.
"We really played a solid game as a team tonight in this first game," said Coach Zimmerman.

Game 2 was quite a different scenario. The Stars took on the class AA sectional winner Dunlap Maroon with guest players from their Gold team. At times the Maroon seemed to be toying with the Stars by their relentless passing and shooting. With (17) saves by Paul Kosur, (6) saves by Justin Miller, and (6) saves by Eric Artis; the Stars defense turned away nearly (50) scoring opportunities by Dunlap. Though worn down by their first game, the Stars fought valiantly to break up the precision passing of the seasoned veterans from Dunlap. While only (6) shots were taking by the Stars none could make it past State shutout master Mike Haynes, who played most of the game in front of his box. "This game was a humbling experience after the first game," "but the bright spot is that Dunlap never had any easy shots," "and they had to fight for every goal," Coach Zimmerman proudly spoke of his team. "I'm sure Dunlap is a little banged up after their confrontation with the MidState Stars."
The Stars end their final session game against the North Princeton Juniors next Sunday at 7:00 pm.

Anyone interested in joining the MidState Stars Soccer Club for the spring season, please contact Mike Zimmerman at 309-432-3057. We again are planning to participate in the Midwest Sports Incorporated Adult League, which has some of the top players at the college and adult levels in Central Illinois.
19 B MidState Stars Finish Indoor Season - Submitted by Mike Zimmerman
The MidState Stars finished their 2008 winter indoor season on a losing note. The Princeton Juniors scored 2 hard fought goals in the last 5 minutes of the first half. Then the Juniors, without any substitutes, enlisted one of the top players from Dunlap to help bolster their depleted ranks. With this added fire power, the Juniors were able to add 3 more goals ending in 5 – 0 final score. One of the Stars leading scorers, Sky Emmett, was seriously injured during a collision fighting for a high head ball. Having to leave the game with a head injury that lead to an emergency room visit, and a minor concussion. For those people that say soccer isn't a physical sport, please talk with Sky Emmett.

The MidState Stars ended their 2008 indoor season in the 1st session 2 – 7 and the 2nd session 3 – 4. For having played Peoria area teams that advanced in the state AA playoffs, the MidState Stars actually played better than their record.

The Stars begin their outdoor season in the Midwest Sports Incorporated Adult League on April 2nd in Bloomington at the Sale Barn Fields at 5:45 pm. Anyone interested in playing with the MidState Stars High School Coed Team is welcome to contact Mike Zimmerman at 309-432-3057. It's the adult league, so we are welcoming athletic adults to play also.

Come out and watch your El Paso, Roanoke, and Minonk area high school soccer players as they challenge some of the top college and adult players in Central Illinois.

12 B MidState Stars Open Spring Season - Submitted by Mike Zimmerman
The MidState Stars opened their 2008 Spring Season in the MSI Adult League against the Thirsty Beavers, a team made of some of the most prestigious players that make their home in the Bloomington-Normal area. Most of the coaches from the Midwest Reign, which includes Alex Kowerko and Blaise Hilgenbrinck, and many other past national collegian players, brought their seasoned experience against the much younger and inexperienced Stars. Alex Kowerko and his father Paul Kowerko were onetime trainers for the MidState Stars.

Needless to say the constant attack by the Beavers and the numerous misjudgments by the Stars goalkeeper lead to a 4 – 0 score at the end of the first 35 minute half. The Stars did have a few scoring opportunities which were never capitalized on.

The second half the Stars tightened up their defense but still allowed 3 more goals for a final score of 7 – 0. More opportunities for a chance at their opponent's nets would never materialize for the Stars before the game ended.

The MidState Stars take on the Celtic Pride on Monday night. Reloading with some new players will undoubtedly strengthen the Stars' resolve and their hopes of out scoring their next opponent.

You can support the MidState Stars at the fields behind the Sale Barn in Bloomington at 6:00 pm. Please visit the Stars on their web-site for their schedule and stats at:

23 B MidState Stars Fight Hard for a Win! - Submitted by Mike Zimmerman
There are moments before a game when the coach fears for his team's will to overcome adversity. Last Sunday evening was one of those games. Last minute family commitments brought the MidState Stars roster down to eight die-hard players and a coach with a bum ankle.

So when the Stars took the field against the Broadway Elite they expected to be down by three players. Luckily, they were happy to see that their college opponents were also down players and would only outnumber them by one. With new recruits, Michael Kennell and Brian Haller, joining Nathan Kennell to control the Midfield; and the realigned defense of Eric Artis, Emma Kirby, and Paul Kosur protecting goalkeeper Mike Snyder; it was very apparent that the lone forward Dylan Zimmerman would be in for a long day in these uncharted waters for the MidState Stars. Sometimes playing down by one, but they never would of thought of being three players down on a full-size field.

The Stars opened up the game with open field passing to give themselves 2 quick goals, while their own goalkeeper turned away any chance of their opponents rattling the nets. The Stars ended the first 35 minutes up 4 – 0, and with one of the best team efforts their coach has seen this year.

The game ended with the Stars winning 7 – 0. With (5) goals by Michael Kennell, (1) penalty goal by Paul Kosur, and (1) deflected goal by Brian Haller; the Stars showed their much older opponents what they were made of. Mike Snyder had one of his best performances in the goal by getting the shutout with (9) saves.

"Sometimes these kids really amaze me," said Coach Zimmerman. "It was truly a great effort by our players." The Stars take on the Good Calls on Wednesday and the Celtic Pride on Saturday. You can see all there games at the Sale Barn Fields in Bloomington.

27 B MidState Stars Play 2 - Submitted by Mike Zimmerman
Last Wednesday the MidState Stars took on the Good Calls with new some new recruits and an improved determination. Opening up the game with a quick goal by Michael Kennell in the first half, the Stars began to show their much more experienced opponents that they were here to play.

With an unfortunate and questionable handball call in the box, a penalty shot tied the game at 1 – 1 at the end of the half. With Stars pushing forward and overloading their opponent's end of the field, the Star's gave the Good Calls many opportunities to increase their lead. After countless shots being turned away by the Stars' defense, the Good Calls squeaked in 2 goals ending the game 3 – 1.

"This game was very physical with all the professional tugging, pulling, and slide tackling you might see at a pro game," said Coach Zimmerman. "Our players didn't back down though, and showed a few tricks of their own."

The game Saturday was very windy with the Celtic Pride. Again the Stars opened up the game up 1 – 0 by Michael Kennel. But the Celts came back to go ahead 3 – 1 as the first half ended. The speed of attack by the Celts played heavy on the Stars defense. The wind also played a decisive factor against the Stars offense opportunities with many shots gone wide or high.

Making some player adjustments to start the second half, the Stars battled back to score the equalizer and end the game with a 3 – 3 tie, with goals by Michael Kennel and Jordan Stalter. With no playoffs in the spring, the league doesn't continue into overtime. The second half adjustments paid off by disrupting the Celts offensive attacks, while the wind again pushed the Stars shots wide of their opponent's goal.

"I am very proud of the team today for keeping the pressure on the whole game and never giving up," Coach Zimmerman said of his team, "and if it wasn't for the strong winds I'm sure we would have rattled the nets more often."

The Stars take on the Belligerent Ballers at 6:00 pm on Thursday this week. So come out and support your area's only high school soccer club.

We would like to recognize our players and where they are from; from El Paso: Bryan Andrews, Emma Kirby, Paul Kosur, Troy Miller, Eric Artis, Mike Snyder; from Roanoke: Jordan Stalter, Nathan Kennell, Michael Kennell, Brian Haller, Caleb and David Zimmerman, Ben Frerichs; and from Minonk: Dylan Zimmerman and Rozonna Catarinnichia.

9 B MidState Stars Play On - Submitted by Mike Zimmerman
The overcast sky looked as though that rain would be the only problem for the MidState Stars with their game against the Belligerent Ballers. Their opponent's name pretty much stated the type of unruly players that the Stars were up against. With Stars playing with only 10 players, and the over-physical play by their opponents; the Stars fought on every play to win the ball during there 70 minute game.

The Ballers ended the first half up 4 – 0 with the Stars making adjustments and creating scoring opportunities which fell wide of the goal. The Stars were bruised up and worn down in the second half allowing five more goals. Many scoring opportunities by the Stars would never capitalize. The bright spot for the Stars came close to the end of the game when Eric Artis moved up into the forward position to fight through two players and the goalie to score one for the Stars.

The midway point of the season having been reached; the Stars goal differential is 22 – 12 and having only been shutout in the first game.

"I'm proud of the team's never-give-up attitude, and their increased communication and support of their teammates during their struggle to succeed." said Coach Zimmerman.

The MidState Stars are re-scheduling some games and their next game hasn't been confirmed yet. We are always looking for new recruits, and being that we are playing in an adult league; we are accepting registration of athletic adults' interested playing soccer.

25 B Fieldcrest's Peterson captures 1st in State 3200 - Submitted by Editor
Brian Peterson of Fieldcrest won the 3,200 meter race in the State Class A track meet Saturday at Charleston. Peterson's time was 9:32.57 which was the second-best time of his career behind the 9:28.31 he ran for second in last year's state meet. Peterson also placed 6th in the 1,600 with a time of 4:30.17.