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Local farmer holds appreciation dinner

Tuesday, November 17, 2003 Posted 11:00 a.m.
Don and Kay Cremer

An appreciation dinner was held Sunday night at Mona's Restaurant in Toluca for those who helped Don Cremer get his crops in this fall. The one hundred some attendees included farmers, truckers and their spouses who brought in their equipment to harvest over 400 acres of corn and beans this past September for Mr. Cremer who has ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease.

Mr. Cremer's wife Kay thanked those assembled for the occassion for their help. A small brochure commerating the harvest was given to each attendee. The brochure included pictures of the harvest and a message of thanks from the Cremers. Below is the message included in the brochure.

Don and I want to thank you for all you did for us. Each and every one of you have touched our lives.

We want to thank all the men that helped us this fall. I know that many came when they had crops to be harvested at home. What a sacrifice for them! A wife of anyone involved in agriculture has to give and take a lot. Many of you work side by side with your husbands. Late dinners, lunch to the field and always the "go for" trips. But you know, this life isn't bad. Just look around you and enjoy what you are able to see each day: beautiful sunrises and sunsets; beautiful snow scenes; ice on the evergreens and fences; new born animals; just mother nature at work.

Don has farmed in this area for 55 years. We have shared in the farming operation for 45 years. However, this now must end for us. But what a life! We were able to raise Brenda and Brian on the farm. They have done well and we are very proud parents. We have even been blessed with grandchildren. Plus, in January, there will be an additional grandson to carry on the Cremer name. Being grandparents is GREAT!!

You have all added to our cherished memories of farm life. Just remember there will be some bad years but the good ones will make it all worth it. Thanks for letting us share this evening with you.

God Bless - Don & Kay

November 16, 2003

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