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Emails for December 2005
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Fischer a dedicated advocate for veterans | Bush Editorial | Security vs. Freedom | Fieldcrest basketball schedule on Channel 13 | Expression of sympathy | Congratulations to Valerie and Matt | Parade of Lights on Channel 13 | Congratulations to Valerie and Matt Kalkwarf | Update on Minonk Luminaria event | Response to Greg, Valerie and Matt | Response to airforce trainee letter | Good luck to airforce trainee |

Bush Editorial

Dave, your personal explanation for the "unfortunate" WAR we are engaged in is thoughtful and expresses a great many problems we all have in dealing with the continuing death and maiming of Iraqi and most important young American servicemen. If history is any guide, what ever gains or loses we make in Iraq, the fact that we will win anything but OIL is an illusion. Yes President Bush has trampled upon our basic freedoms which has been done in the past by many public officials. Our form of government and the birth right of its citizens is to investigate, understand, criticize, and vote for policies they find important  to their welfare.  And finally, it is a wonder how we went from The World Trade Centers destruction to include the entire Arab world. It seems only yesterday that our hatred included the Kaiser and Hitler's Germans, Italy's fascists, Stalin's Russians, Mao's Chinese, The Japanese, North Koreans, Vietnam, and sundry African and Central Americans dictators. Perhaps it is America's destiny to raise our children to conquer the world's ills. God help my grandchildren!

Albie Johnson

Fieldcrest basketball schedule on Channel 13

Roanoke vs. Fieldcrest Girls Basketball game will play Thursday, Dec. 15 and Friday Dec. 16 at 7pm on Mediacom Channel 13!

Fieldcrest Boys Basketball games will start playing next week on Wednesday Dec. 21 at 7pm on Mediacom Channel 13!

Steve Allen

Congratulations to Valerie and Matt

I would also like to give my congratulations to Valerie and Matt. I grew up with Matt. We were like brother and sister. Went on family trips together and everything. Through it all we stayed friends. To Valerie: I know Matt will treat you well and he deserves someone great and special like you! Treat him good :) Good luck in airforce training! To Matt: I am so proud of all your achievements in life and many more to come.. Thanks for being a great friend and a great neighbor all our lives! I know you will be a great husband and someday a great father :) To both of you: Good luck in everything you two do and be good to each other. And thank you for doing a great job serving our country!

Lindsey Skaggs

Congratulations to Valerie and Matt Kalkwarf

I would like to say congratulations to Valerie and Matt Kalkwarf. I went to school with both Valerie and Matt.. Valerie was always quiet but very friendly and funny.. I remember being in Grease with Matt.. Fun times. But I am very happy to hear that they joined their lives together.. And I'm very proud of both of them.. They are doing a great job serving our country... I wish you both the best of luck and plenty of happiness... Your schoolmate,

Kristen Oakley

Response to Greg, Valerie and Matt

I want to say to Greg, Valerie and Matt how very proud Mike and I are of all 3 of you. We have watched you 3 grow up to be fine young citizens that any town would be proud to call their own.
Greg, what a nice caring young man you are and have been since we have known you. You and Valerie were very special siblings. You had your sibling rivalries but much fewer than most kids and we saw how much you two respected each other. Please come see us when your home, we would love to see you.
Valerie, first I want to say how sorry I am we missed yours and Matts wedding. I had the flu and had missed work also that week so please forgive me for us not being there. I know you were a beautiful bride and hope to see pictures soon. We are very proud of you also for many things, not just for joining the service. You have always been a very good girl and with a good head on your shoulders. We are glad you were friends with our girls and Jessi really misses you. We would love to see you and Matt also when you come home, especially so we can give you your wedding gift.  Click here for wedding picture.

So good luck in your 2 new adventures in life and may God bless you all for your sacrifices you are making for this country. Keep safe and we will be watching and listening for and about you 3 fine adults.

Lisa and Mike Zimmerman

Good luck to airforce trainee

Hello Dave;

Just a note to let everyone know that my sister Valerie Kalkwarf just left for airforce basic training. I was hoping maybe you could post something wishing her luck from me the family and her husband Matthew Kalkwarf. My sister lived in Minonk for about 12 or 13 years. Like me we both grew up together in this town.


Gregory Strouse

Fischer a dedicated advocate for veterans

I was saddened by the recent death of Gary Fischer of Carlock; he was 59 years of age.

For the past 20 years, Gary served as a veterans administration counselor at the Peoria vets center in Peoria. He was a dedicated advocate of the veterans he provided for.

An Army Vietnam veteran himself, Gary frequently spent hours driving several miles, often at his own expense, to assist the many veterans who required his expertise.

I believe I speak for scores of fellow veterans in my assertion that our country is in dire need of more men like Gary. He will be remembered and missed by those whose lives he touched in his years of commitment to their cause as well as their needs.

Daniel M. FitzGerald


Editor's note: This letter was taken from The Pantagraph in its Dec. 22 issue and refers to Minonk native Gary Fischer.

Security vs. Freedom

I find it strange that you and I can have the same input and arrive at such a different result. I do not believe that the President did anything secretive or unlawful concerning the event of the authorization of the NSA to listen in on international phone calls and e-mails. According to the information that I have seen he had the proper permission from FISA and the members of congress required to authorize such a measure. This information is included in the same article that claims a secret authorization. On the one hand they say that it was secretive yet they then go on to tell of the congressmen that were briefed and the secret court giving their go-ahead.

I firmly believe that the President has our best interest in mind. I believe that he waited plenty long and had just cause to go into Iraq. I believe that we had a cause and that we have a plan. In fact I believe that we have had a plan from day one and that the President told us that plan. I heard it from his lips. The media has since reported on lack of a plan for so long that people seem to have forgotten what they have already heard. Over and over again I have heard the president say that we need to help them get their government started, help them rebuild infrastructure, and get their own people trained enough to protect themselves. At each juncture we would be assessing the situation and pulling troops out when possible. Anyone who has spoken to those who have served or are currently serving in Iraq knows that we are making great progress there. They will also tell you that the media is not giving us the complete story of what is happening in Iraq both physically and in the minds and hearts of the Iraqi people.

Before we entered Iraq we spent 6-9 months with the U.N.
in various capacities attempting to get Sadam to follow sanctions which had been set up a decade earlier. Had these sanctions been enforced previously Sadam would not have been a
concern. It has been proven publicly since the invasion that
Sadam was in fact aiding international terrorism, had WMDs, and was willing to use them. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have helped deliver any number of them to the USA or any other free country.

Taking the terrorists out, showing them that we will not cower to them is the only defense against the cowardly acts that they use to push their agenda. We have effectively taken the battle to them instead of allowing them to run the show.
There will be a free Iraq as long as we do not quit. Were we to quit now then each life given would have been a waste. Men and women alike are putting their lives on the line for our security each and every second of each and every day.

We will have to give up some freedoms to gain security.
Or, we can give up some security to gain more freedom. They
are inversely proportional and a good subject for debate. So
let us debate it. But let us not put the very ones who are fighting for our freedom into more danger while we do so. The point being that there is a time and a place to air our opinions and to share our disagreements. I do not believe that it was proper for the New York Times to run that story on the phone taps. I do not believe that it was proper for Newsweek to run the story on the prison abuse. I do not think it was proper for John Kerry to call our troops Terrorists. I do not think it was proper for Dick Durbin to compare our detention centers to German prison camps. There are ways to voice these concerns that would be much more productive.

I am very thankful that the President is praying for guidance. I certainly do not want him going it on his own. I am thankful that we can all pray for the Lord to guide him.
There is no comparison to the Muslims and suicide bombings.
Their religion states that they have to do more good than bad to get to heaven. They can not know until death weather or not they have achieved this or not. The one way around that is to die in a Jihad. Death in a Jihad will over ride any bad done in their lives and they are guaranteed heaven. We need to pray for them that they will find the one true God and believe before it is too late for them.

Our president is guided by God and not just a god but the only true God. In John 14:6 Jesus states "I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Our president follows Jesus and that divine guidance is flawless. It is our humanity that keeps us from always following it, but the guidance itself is flawless. Our president needs our prayers to stay on track and I believe that he would be the first to admit to that.

Merry Christmas,
David Barth

Editor's note: Dave, I want to re-emphasize that I support our troops in Iraq and the war against terrorism. I just do not want the government to spy on us in the process. Thank you for your input.

Expression of sympathy


I would just like to extend my sympathies to the families of Richard C. Jensen(Rick) and Edwin Gerdes. I grew up next door to the Gerdes family. I remember playing at their house and running over to the "cooler" to get milk and leaving a note saying how much we got. Mr. and Mrs Gerdes were like a second family to me. And I also remember after I grew up how much I hated (but liked it at the same time) when Lynn would say "Hi Janie".. haha. I cannot be there to give you each a hug at this time .. but please accept my deepest sympathies. I love you all.

Another thing I have just found out is that Rick Jensen passed away at the end of Sept. A few years ago while working at Lowe's in Bloomington this man walked up to me and said "Hi Jane".. it took me a few moments to realize it was Rick. He was in my class ('73) in high school. I quit working at Lowe's but was amazed one day opening my email and finding a letter from Rick. He joined when he saw my name there and we kept in touch. Could not figure out in past 2 months why my emails were returned to me. I did a search on internet and found out that God had taken him broke my heart. Even after I had moved away from Minonk,, I remember Rick being the guy in school would could make us laugh and was a true friend. I will always remember you Rick and love ya...May you always be that shining star and making all the people up in heaven laugh as you did us here. Rest well my friend.

Thanks Dave,
Jane (Zivney) Amigoni

Parade of Lights on Channel 13

Now playing on Minonk Productions/Mediacom Channel 13 at 7pm, Weds Dec. 7 though Sunday Dec. 11 is the "Minonk Chrismas Parade of Lights" with commentary by Bob Hakes and Jeff "The Colonel" Zivney!

The Fieldcrest Girls Roanoke and Fieldcrest Boys Heyworth Basketball games will play next week! Check Minonk Talk for the dates and times the programs will play!

Steve Allen

Update on Minonk Luminaria event

Let’s LIGHT UP MINONK!! The Minonk Luminaria Event is scheduled for December 17, 2005 with a rain date of December 18th.

If you have not placed your order please feel free to contact me at 438-2605 or leaving a note that you want luminaries. Let me know the amount of luminaries you want, your name, address and phone number.

The cost is as follows: 10 luminaries - $7.00; 20 luminaries - $14.00; 30 luminaries - $21.00. Make checks payable to Minonk Luminaria Display. The price of the luminaries covers the complete kit, including the candles, paper bags, limestone and instructions. An average lot will use 10 luminaries, corner lots will use approximately 20 luminaries.

Your order should be picked up December 10th at the old Uftring Building, corner of 4th and Chestnut Streets from 10 a.m. until noon.

If you cannot pickup your order please make arrangements for someone else to do so during the designated time!! We cannot make any deliveries. Thanks very much.

Cathy McKay

Response to airforce trainee letter

This is in response to Gregory Strouse's letter. We all wish Valerie the best!

We also want to recognize both her and Matt for serving in the American forces. Matt has been in the Air Force for quite a while now but Valerie is joining up and just left for basic training. We attended their wedding a few weeks ago and they were a beautiful couple! Good Luck to BOTH of these brave soldiers! We are VERY proud of both of you!!

Matt's great aunt,

Jane (Kalkwarf) Diaz