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Emails for August

"Tales from the Trees" no longer available

Hi Dave,
I actually called and went to see Ailene Schneider years ago when she still lived in the big white house on Maple. She told me there were no more books on "Tales from the Trees" to be bought. No more were published. She told me the only ones left were at the library.

Wanda Patterson

Dick Dishinger's passing

Dear Friends,

Dick's lost the battle with his terrible illness at 9:30 Wednesday evening, the 22nd of August. He fought long and hard but too many strikes were against him. All your thoughts and prayers sutained us through it all. I'd never made it on my own. Our final prayer was for a peaceful and painless ending surrounded by his family. I know he's at peace now with God and that gives me peace. It still leaves a tremendous void here on earth.

How can I thank you all for your love to us? Good things do happen even from bad experiences and the good here is the blessing of knowing we have such caring friends and that God has worked through all this.

Now I must take one step at a time and with God's help try to get back to some kind of normalcy. God bless you all.

Love, Marilyn Dishinger

Is "Tales from the Trees" still available?

Hi Dave, The book "Tales From the Trees" is mentioned a lot on your site. Is the book available for sale anywhere in Minonk? Is the author the lady who worked at the HS, she was daughter of W.D. Hayes the druggist? Appreciate any info. Thanks.

Bob Schmitz

Editors note: If anyone knows if this book written by Ailene Hayes Schneider can still be bought anywhere please contact Minonk Talk.

Minonk farms do have animals

Dave, I intended to write you months ago telling you how I love minonktalk.com. I have told many classmates, relatives, and friends to "check it out". Many of them did, and they too have enjoyed your efforts. It's one of my favorite websites; thank you for using your special talents to provide us with this informative, interesting, and entertaining site.

In response to your editorial concerning the necessity to travel to the State Fair to see farm animals...You do not need to travel far from your home to see some sheep. We only have ten at our farm, and they are not prizewinners, but you can shorten your drive by 95 miles if you have the desire to see some lambs or sheep.

Thanks, again, for all your efforts. Keep up the good work!

Jeri Sue Johnson

Update on Ollie Schneider's condition

Dave, I have compiled a letter for Minonktalk as my brother Albin Johnson called and said there were a lot of people in the Minonk area who would like to know about Ollie..he did serve on the Fire Department..City Council and the Recreation board at one time...hope what I have written will help.

The day our lives changed forever..this is to Ollie's many friends in the Minonk and other areas. I have now found a few moments to write this letter regarding his recent stroke. On the morning of July 21, he suffered his first encounter, four others followed in three days. I called 911 upon his first encounter the 21st and within moments he was transported to the Veteran's Hospital in Phoenix..every test was immediately in motion and more the next few days. As to the staff I can only give you a highly skilled mark..they are staffed beyond belief...all my answers came quickly.from the doctors..much damage had been done...this is the same hospital where Dr. David Weistart was on staff as a medical professional...a former Minonkite..I now have become the hub...wheel...and spokeman on his behalf...he has now been transferred to Chula Vista Care Center for rehab and extensive therapy address where he will be for a few weeks is Chula Vista Care Center...60 So, 58th St.......Mesa. Az. 85206....Room 28.

The real phases of the stroke I am also involved in and lessons are also held for me...with regard to keeping him as the head of the household and never to lose their dignity...most interesting I have found....some good days some bad...some up some down ..some you laugh some you cry..some you sing some you talk...all a part of a new discovery and the long journey back.

Next stop will be home...I will have an endless flow of materials and assistance from the Social Services of the V.A. hospital..you name it ...it is there.

My entire family have sustained me ..sons Rick from Hernando, Miss...Ray here in Phoenix...his wife Emilie...grandchldren came from the Carolinas..daily calls from my brother Albin and wife and family in California..many cards E-Mails and prayer chains...I cannot say enough love and thank yous to all. Time does not permit me to thank each and all,,,but greatly we have received them..thanks much

Joan (Johnson) Schneider
E-Mail: JOLIES418@webtv.net

Identified mother in 1928 grad pic


I have been enjoying the Minonk web pages. I have my mother's same Minonk graduation class picture of 1928 in which she is pictured, third row down, first person. Her name is Bernice (Doorn) Post. She passed away about 8 years ago, but I know she would have been thrilled to see this picture on the internet. I remember her pointing out her close friends on the picture, but do not remember their names for sure. Keep up the good work.

Elynor Pomeranke
Flanagan, IL

Looking for info on Paloumpis family

While browsing through the Internet, I came upon your website. I spent about 6 weeks in the summer of 1948 in Minonk with my father's cousin Sophie Poloumpis who owned The Princess Sweet Shop described in your website. I was 11 years old at the time. We stayed in the apartment over the shop and the purpose of the visit was to attend the wedding of Mary Poloumpis, their daughter, that summer.

I have many pleasant memories of that visit. My mother, who is now 86 years old and still lives in the Bahamas, my sister Annette, who now lives in New York City, and I made the trip from Nassau, Bahamas. Most of the trip was by train from Miami, Florida.

I made friends but cannot remember their names. I remember reading the very first issue of the Superman comic magazine that summer, which I understand is now quite a valuable collectors' item.

My name is Charles Christofilis. I was born and raised in the Bahamas and attended college and law school in this country. I now live in Langhorne, Pennsylvania and commute to my job as a corporate attorney in Jersey City daily. I am 64 years old.

I remember that Tom and Sophie had 2 sons in addition to their daughter Mary. One was called Herkie (I think he was not fond of his real name Hercules) and I can't remember the name of the older brother. I would be interested in knowing if there are any of my relatives left in Minonk at this time.

With my warmest regards for maintaining a very interesting website.

Charles Christofilis.

Looking for Sally Ann memorabilia

My name is Toby Heytens and I am from Superior, Wisconsin. My mother's 50th birthday is nearing, which is why I am writing to you.

My mother's name is Sally Ann (Amundson) Heytens. She recently told me that when she was young her grandfather told her that she had been "named after a loaf of bread" She knew that there had been a type of bread named "Sally Ann" and that its wrapper had had a picture of a little girl on it, but she didn't know anything else. She has specifically asked my dad, my siblings, and I to get her some things relating to Sally Ann bread for her 50th birthday, which is where you come in.

About a week ago, I did a google search for "sally ann" and bread, and the only useful links that I found were at the Minonk Talk website. With great interest, I read the story about the closing of the Minonk Baking Company and saw the photo of the bread wrapper.

I am looking for anything and everything connected to the Sally Ann bread business--wrappers, signs, advertisements, anything. I am writing to inquire if you know where I could purchase any such things or if you know any people that I could talk to about doing so. I would greatly appreciate any help that you could provide.

I can be reached at this email address or at (215) 413-0886.


Toby Heytens


Letter from Alaska

Mr. Uphoff,

I found this website quite by accident on Sunday afternoon July 29 and have spent the past four hours reading every article and looking at each photo. You are to be congratulated for your research and the work you have done on this website. It's great to read about old days and to keep informed about the present. I'll continue to check out the website on a regular basis.


Loren Smith
Class of 1964

Letter from new superintendent

I am continually impressed with the high quality web site you and your colleagues have created. The importance of portraying Minonk so expertly cannot be underestimated.

Kudos to the web masters and contributers to this fine site!

Michael Stagliano
Superintendent of Schools
Fieldcrest CUSD No. 6

Editor's note: We appreciate Dr. Stagliano's comments. I know the community joins the staff of Minonktalk in welcoming Dr. Stagliano to the Fieldcrest community and look forward to working with him in bringing Fieldcrest to even greater heights as a premier school district.