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Emails for July

Update on Dick Dishinger

Dear Friends,
How I value friends now especially! Your prayers have sustained Dick and I and Kathy and Connor and Tim and his wife and my family. Dicks condition is called ARDS Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome and has a 50% chance of survival. There have been no advances made in the last 30 years so the doctors try to treat each problem as it comes up and there are many. It's like a brush fire in that you put out one fire and another springs up in some other area.

As of 6 am Sun. he was a tiny bit improved from the day before. He developed pneumonia again from the resuitator being in place and his kidneys were'nt funtioning well and he is in acidosis but all that seemed to lessen a little last night. The new antibiotic hopefully is working. As one pastor worded it God is holding him above the threshold of death until his body is able to fight this tremendous infection. He is also guiding the doctors in their treatment as this is still somewhat of a guessing game to them as I understand it. He has wonderful doctors and nurses and they try to explain everything as they go along. They keep telling us to keep the whole picture in perspective to avoid this emotional roller coaster we are on but it's hard.

I appreciate all of you and wish I could send each of you a message personally. I just can't right now. I feel your love and prayers and thank you Donna for the note and Rita, for the expression of "storming the heavens with prayers".

Love, Marilyn Dishinger

Heat wave was in 1936

Dear Dave,
I really enjoyed this editorial.....But, I think it was 1936 that broke all kinds of records. The year of the cinch bugs. Keep up the good work

....Emily Zivney

Editor's note: Letter is referring to July 23 editorial which specified 1935 as the year of the heat wave.See editorial.

Ford bake sale a success

The John Ford bake sale was a big success!!!!! We made $500.00 and then collected donations. Ended up with about $950.00. Tell everyone thanks and of course donations will still be accepted at the Pharmacy. The Fords will be in St. Louis for approximately 6 wks. I will send their mailing address as soon as I get it.

Karen Mooradian

Luminary Event


For the past several years I have been organizing the Luminary event in Minonk. I will be unable to continue with this event as the only organizer and would like anyone interested to contact me. I am willing to co-organize this event but find that I am too busy to do all of it. If no one comes forth this event will not take place this December. You may wonder why this email is in July and it is because the supplies (candles) have to be ordered in August to assure that you will have them in December.

I can be contacted at 309-438-2665 (w) or 432-2605 (h).

Cathy McKay

Girls fastpitch softball coming to Normal

I'm writing is to see if the Minonk area has a girls summer softball program. One of my granddaughters will be playing in a big highschool age fast pitch softball tourney at Ill, State Normal the early part of August. There will be a lot of teams from throughout the nation. Her team ,the "Bat Busters", are the champions from the Yorbe Linda, Cal area. My son Christopher and family will be there but we won't be attending. If there are any softball players in that area I'm sure they would enjoy seeing some real great pitching. Tell any who may go to say hello to Ashley Johnson, the catcher.

Albie Johnson

"Connie" made Chocolate Shop pies

A note about the Chocolate Shop run by Bob Morrison.....One of the original workers of the Old Chocolate Shop, known to everyone as"Connie" (Anna Konwinski), just turned 101 and is living at the Heritage Manor Nursing Home. I am sure everyone remembers all the good pies they had at the Chocolate Shop. Well, they were made by "Connie".

Karen Mooradian