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Emails for June 2004

Remembers downtown water fountain

Hi Dave,
The water fountain in your picture of North Chestnut St. circa 1920's was still there in the 1940's. However, I don't think that it was covered. The thing I particularly remember was that my parents instructed me not to drink from it in the summer because public water fountains were considered a highly potential source for contacting polio. I also recall that there was one summer in particular - maybe mid 1940's? - when there were a number of local polio cases diagnosed by Dr. Morrison. My memory tells me that public swimming pools were also on the August list of things to avoid because of polio.

Carol Palmer Schmidt

Thanks for sesquicentennial celebration

I wanted to say thank you to each and every person who participated in any way to make the sesquicentennial celebration such a great success. I thought the carnival was a great success and noticed many families there with their children after the final evening event for the Bible school. I personally had to work on Saturday so I missed many of the events that day. But, I did enjoy the Sunday ice cream social, band, dedication, church service, and time capsule burial.

I am hoping that some of the displays will be available for visitors to see over the July 4th celebration. I didn't get a chance to see the movie about Minonk and would love the chance to see it then.

Again, my thanks and gratitude to everyone who made the celebration such a good time and a great success.

Pam Jolly

Congratulations on sesquicentennial celebration

Hi Dave,

I just read your article on the dedication last Sunday, I am sorry that I was unable to attend, my grandson was just released from the hospital yesterday, so he had quite a time getting through his emergency surgery. He is doing fine now.

The pavilion looks very nice, and I am sure the Minonk community will enjoy it very much. I didn't think it would ever get completed after all the brick walls we ran into when we started that bandstand project years ago. Thanks Dave, for keeping the West Side park project moving forward!

The Sutton's park also looks nice, I remember when Clara(Fewell) and I worked out there, sawing down small tree's and brush and hoping to eventually get that area back to the original look of the Sutton's gardens park with all the flower beds and bird house's. However, that was not to be, the railroad wouldn't let the city lease or buy the property, so it became another brick wall and were advised by the city council to just drop that project. It did look nice there for awhile, Kenny Cunningham chisel plowed up the ground to help get rid of some of the weeds. In doing so, we found many small pieces of the original green glass that used to be in the Suttons flower bed. I still have two piece's of the green glass and photo's of the flower beds of years ago.

Minonk was my home for 37 years, so it was nice to see the great celebration of its history made into a community affair. My congratulations to all volunteer's who helped with the pavilion, as well as all the planning and work involved in making your celebration such a success.. Job well done Minonk !!!

Judith Reeser

Editor's note: Thanks to you Judy for your efforts in the bandstand restoration project.

Looking forward to coming back to Minonk

Hello; My name is Barbara Pitcock, formerly Barbara Lambert.

My parents and sisters and I grew up in Minonk and although they are all still in Minonk and the surrounding area I moved to Kentucky about 25 years ago.

I love to come back home to visit and bringing my husband to my home town. I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed this web-site. I often get very homesick for the easier and simpler days and Minonk represents all of the good times in my younger days.

Mom, Frankie Lambert, told me about your web-site just yesterday while we were discussing the upcoming celebrations and I am looking forward to coming home this coming Friday and hopefully seeing a lot of the old friends I remember with such fond memories.

Keep up the good work here and I only have one request, please post more information on the baby boomers era.

Sincerely: Barbara Lambert

Pinewood Derby cancelled

Due to lack of interest, Cub Scout Pack # 78 regretfully announces that the Pinewood Derby scheduled for Minonk's Sesquicentennial Celebration on Saturday, June 12 has been canceled. The Pinewood Derby Committee would like to thank everyone for their support thus far, and would like the public to know that they plan to re-group in the fall to see if a Fall Pinewood Derby would have a better response. Pre-registration fees will be refunded at Vision's Video in Minonk, mail-in fees will be returned by mail.


Pinewood Derby Committee for Pack # 78

Need volunteers at Chiefs games

The CAC is asking for your help. We have an opportunity to sell concessions at a few Peoria Chiefs baseball games this summer. We need 10 people for each game. Our group will be assigned a concession stand at the ballpark from which we will sell all food and drinks. We will be given 10% of all money we take in plus tips. All money will be applied to the Fieldcrest Extra-Curricular fund and is tax exempt. There is no training required for this project. Please look at the following dates and call me at 432-2044 if you are willing and able to help. Available dates in June are the 13th and 20th. Both begin at 2:00. July dates are the 18th at 2:00 and 23rd at 6:30. In August the 20th at 6:30 and 21st at 5:30.

Thanks for helping,
Tim Sanders

Don't park on my lot

Hi, my name is Carrie Lindley. I wasn't sure who to contact here, but I was wondering if you could put an announcement in Minonk Talk about something. I live in the barn house next to SMF on North Chestnut St. and I know people think that my driveway and yard are a parking lot. I would greatly appreciate it if you could post something in here that this is private property and during the Sesquicentennial events and carnival this month there is no parking here? I would really appreciate it. I am also going to put out "Private Property" and "No Parking" signs, but I thought maybe this would help too.


Carrie Lindley

Minonk native mentioned in WWII Registry

Dave....since this is the week-end for Memorial Day and the big thing is the dedication of the World War 2 memorial in Washington D.C. I would like you and Minonk Talk to know that Francis "Ollie" Schneider has his name in the registry. His granddaugter Heidi (Schneider) Holly was the donor and it was given to me as a Christmas Gift.

My son Rick researched the WWII Registry and gave me the following comments. "The entire site and the registry is magnificently done. Those veterans who are remembered all have the military service branch and other information. If they were missing in action then it indicates where they have been remembered. If they are buried in a national military cemetery or overseas it then indicates which cemetery, shows a photo of that cemetery and indicates the plot where they are buried. It is very nicely done. I know you probably will want to search for others you knew.

One nice thing I saw when I was looking is that several American Legion Posts throughout the United States have taken the time to register all of the members from that post who served in WWII. I thought that was a wonderful thing to do, perhaps you could recommend it through Minonk Talk that the Minonk Legion post do the same thing. I have no idea what it might cost them, but it certainly would be a fitting tribute so that none of those who served from Minonk are forgotten. I am sure there are those who served who no longer have living relatives, or perhaps even relatives who care enough to do it for them."

To view the registry for Francis "Ollie" Schneider, click here. To go to the WWII Registry, click here.

Joan Schneider

Beer tent at Veterans Park


I just wanted to let everyone know that on July 3, 2004 the beer tent will be at Veterans Park and not across from city hall. So far this years events have been a success. We are hoping that this weekend is no different. Sister Groove will be playing in the tent Saturday night.

We are also running out of koozies and no more will be ordered. Don't miss out, anyone wishing to get their order in please contact me or Jason Buchanan.

Have a great 4th!

Russell Ruestman

Time changes for Mass

Hi Dave, I am wondering if you could again update the Mass time's for St Patrick's?

St Patrick's has a new administrator, Father Ray Guthrie and effective July 3rd, 2004 new Mass times...

Mass will be at 4:30 pm on Saturday's with No Music
8:30 am on Sunday's with Music
Confession is every 2nd and 5th Saturday from 8:30 to 9:30am or by appointment by calling the rectory in Wenona at 815-853-4558

Thank You,
Christy Kline
site-coordinator for St Patrick's

50th anniversary announcement

Dave, Could you please list my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary?

William and Shirley Boucher (Wilson)
338 N. Walnut Street St.
Minonk IL

Married June 15th , 1954
IN Carbondale IL
parents of 5 children

Shirley of Minonk
Michael of Jonesboro, IL
Jeffery of Grand Tower, IL
Mark of Grand Tower, IL
Rita of Peoria, IL

Eight grandchildren and one great grandchild

We are having an open house on July 3rd, 2004 at their home.

Thank you!
Rita Love;;

Where to find Zweiback

Zweiback is found in the baby food section at most food stores. Your Greek Sweet Cake recipe calls for it, and the question was asked if it could be found.

Your Minonk site is the "Best of the Web" in my opinion! Thanks!!!

Marietta Storch

Tribute to a real hero


I am having a slight bit of trouble with all the hype surrounding President Reagan memorial and burial. Politicians by design or nature seek the limelight. If they are not recognized or applauded, their ego is shattered. Sometimes it is quoted that the good ones die young! Reagan's popularity, motion picture past and catch-phrases seem to be the highlights of his terms in office. His party flipflops and the sudden desire to join the government's McCarthy style outing of suspected communists, leaves me with a bit of suspicion whether he really was a patriot or whether he suddenly saw a popular approach to politics. He is now being painted as a very modest person who says the most important thing he ever did was save some 70 people from drowning in the Rock River.


Now for the real hero! Ralph Stenger!!! What a beautiful story by Rick Halberg . A simple but now bigger-than-life memory of someone who had enough time and desire to make a difference in a tiny little town in Central lIllinois. There must be many more memories of REAL people who made a significant impression on our lives and who chose not to corrupt their lives by what ever means it might take to become famous. Thank you for spearheading the vision of Minonk's history and those who came and settled here and gave us a town to grow up in.

Albin Johnson

Former resident will be with us in spirit


Deep in my heart, my love for my old home town burns bright. I will not be able to make it up there for your celebration, but my inner most feelings are at �home� with all of you during your Sesquicentennial.

Minonk was a wonderful town to grow up in. We knew small town values and respected the rights of others. And, too, there were the old landmarks where I used to play as a child. I remember the reservoir, and the Jumbo, now a green hill. So many memories are running through my mind. I really do miss Minonk, but thanks to your site, I can keep up with the activities.

It�s a paradox; as a young man, I couldn�t wait to get out on my own and �see the world�. But as one grows older, all those wonderful times come back to you, like a movie in your mind, and you wish you had it all to live over again.

So, I�ll be with all of you as you celebrate. I won�t be there in person, but I will be in spirit!

Have a good one, Minonk!!

Art Kettelhut

The Sesquicentennial Celebration / 4th of July Celebration is coming soon and we need your help!

Friends and Neighbors:

We are asking for donations from the citizens of Minonk for our celebrations this year. Through the efforts of a GREAT group of volunteers Minonk has one of the best celebrations in the area. Many, many people enjoy our celebrations and we try to improve them every year and I believe that this year will be one of the best ever.

Through the many donations the committee receives we put together the entire celebration and for many of the events during the celebration there is no cost to the citizens of Minonk, however the committee usually has to pay for the event to occur. While we canvas the business owners for donations we also are asking the citizens of Minonk for donations.

If you would like to donate to this very worthwhile event please feel free to send any monies to: 4th of July Committee, c/o Cathy McKay, 626 Locust, Minonk, IL 61760.

If you have any questions or would like to join the 4th of July Committee please feel free to contact Cathy McKay as well.


4th of July Committee

Response to why not armbands

Our committee was facing the fact that we might not have a carnival this year. They are very difficult to get, they either have another route, another venue, are too big for our event, etc. We contacted many carnivals in the hope that one of them would be available and have this particular route.

CDAC Amusements had other arrangements at the time that they were contacted. The venue they had for this weekend cancelled. We feel very fortunate that we contracted with them, and especially a carnival of this caliber, for our celebration. Armbands did not come up in any discussions we had BUT we will discuss with the owners if this is possible for any future events.

Cathy McKay
Chair, 4th of July Committee

Why not armbands for carnival admission?

Dave, I was reading a flyer that was hung up at the grocery store here in minonk about the pricing on tickets for the upcoming carnival, for the Sesquicentennial celebration. I was wondering why there are no armbands available for the rides? I believe more people would enjoy going to the carnival for an armband night instead of 4 tickets for $5.00 ( and this price is only if you get them in advance.) If you wait until the nights the carnival is open then the tickets are $1.75 a piece. We thought that with a new and better carnival coming to this event we would be offered the armbands at least for one night. I believe people in the area would be more interested in going to the carnival if this was offered.

Kelly Lane