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Emails for March 2001

More disgusted with trash

I also have been disgusted with trash but not just out by Woodys and Shell. I used to pick up a lot of stuff tossed out of cars into my yard along 8th street. Now that I live just East of town I'm still picking it up. I do not offer any solutions other than take a garbage bag and go for a walk. I believe 99% of the people are considerate and never throw trash. The problem is amplified because it only takes a small amount of litter to create a really bad looking area. Recently Donna and I noticed our property was looking bad with litter again and I was surprised it only took 20 minutes and 1 bag to clean it up. Individuals can make a big difference in how our town looks.

Jack Devine

Disgusted with trash at Caroline Development

Am I the only one disgusted by the river of trash flowing across the lot from Woody's & the Shell station? It continues across two bean fields directly for Minonk and can be seen collecting heavily in the yards along the North-West corner of Jefferson and Eighth. This garbage has been flowing out of the Caroline Development area for at least a couple months, plenty of time for responsible parties to respond to an accidental spill. I can't be the only one who noticed this...why is it being permitted? It wouldn't be tolerated from any of us voters/tax-payers/homeowners.

D.J. Sweeney-

Letters on tree editorial

Remembers Minonk's trees

I enjoyed the editorial on trees. When I was young and relatives would visit us, the one thing besides the jumbos they remarked on were the beautiful old trees. A city full of trees was how one aunt described the approach to the city...Having just discovered your page I am enjoying your editorials. The bank corner is the first thing I missed upon returning to Minonk after an absense of many years. How dare any one remove those fought after steps. Also my dad worked for Public Service and was very much involved with the rural electrification you mentioned. I just wanted to says thanks for bringing good memories to a lot of us "oldies".

Bob Schmitz

Agrees on trees editorial

Hi Dave, I couldn't agree with you more regarding trees. When we look at some of the old photographs of our city, and then compare the subject to as it looks today, there is often something missing. Its the trees. Trees lend a certain element comfort and elegance to any property, to nothing of what it does for wildlife.

Several years ago, when I was an alderman in Minonk, I authored and managed to get passed, an ordinance regarding tree replacement. Although I don't remember the exact details, I do remember that at the home owner's request, a tree must be replaced by the city, if it was removed and/or authorized for removal, by the city. The ordinance even specifies that a minimum trunk diameter of 2" (I think) be used as a guide for replacing the tree. This was to prevent sapplings from being used. This ordinance can not result in any charge to the homeowner. However the homeowner is repsonsible for keeping the tree watered for the first year. Many people are unaware of this...what is the best way to get this circulated?

In the mean time, the folks out on East 8th might be interested in exercising their option in this matter. Keep up the fine work.

Joe Limbaugh Minonk, IL

Feels closer to home

I am a 1978 graduate of M-D-R High School and have not really lived close to my hometown in almost 20 years. I currently live only a couple of hours away, but it seems the busy-ness of daily life keeps me from visiting my parents (Dean & Shirley Barth) as often as I would like. They recently came to visit me and my Dad showed me your Minonk site. Since then I have been a frequent visitor to this site and enjoy it very much. I can't even imagine how much work goes into the upkeep of it or how much time it requires. I just wanted to say "Thank You" for making me feel closer to home.

Vicki (Barth) Wilham

Remembers early farms

Dave, the pictures looked great(class of 36 G.S.). I wrote Betty Broers Zimmerman about the school one. She lives in Normal and we correspond occasionally. I don't know how you keep up with all the information, but us old dudes surely must enjoy the attention. The editorial was priceless, and your prose can only be appreciated by those who lived on the early farms. My Swedish granddad in Minnesota lived in a house without most conveniences by choice. My dad and uncle finally talked him into an electric light bulb installed in the back yard out house. Probably to read those catalogs! It is hard to believe that I now can't get along without two cars , two tvs, two vcrs a heated pool and air conditioning. Thanks again for the memories.

Albin Johnson

Class of 81 Reunion?

My name is Juli Schuett, my maiden name is Juli Johnson. I was told of your website and would like to add my name and address to your list of Alumni. I would also like to know if our class is having a reunion this summer. I graduated in 1981.

Juli Johnson Schuett

Editor's note: If anyone knows of a class of 81 reunion, please respond to the writer. Thank you.

Cows dodging paintballs

Hi Dave,

I got a call from my neighbors out here in the country east of Minonk Thursday evening. They asked me if I saw anyone in their drive way. It seems someone had shot paint balls at their cows, hitting two calves and scaring them badly no doubt. Its a shame when one has to do something like this to innocent animals. Is there any other RR folks complaining about paint ball damage I wonder?

Wanda Patterson

New viewer from Arkansas

I just learned of your website from an old school friend from MDR High. I went to school in Minonk from 1962-1966 and have been completely out of touch since. I am so glad to have learned of your site and have already enjoyed my first reading. I especially liked the old pictures depicting Minonk in what must have been it's boom days. It would also be nice to see some pictures from around the time I was there. I was very sad to read that Mrs. Lois Yates had passed away as she was one of my teachers and a very sweet lady. I will continue to check in on your site often and will inform others from Minonk that I am in touch with.

A Little Rock, Arkansas Retread,

Paul V. Meginnes

Responses to editorial on slow van drivers.

Drives a van in the right lane

As you know I drive a van. But I do drive the speed limit or a few miles per hr, above it. But if some one is driving 10 or 15 miles above the limit they should have to worry while passing me on the right side. But I seldom drive on the left side of the road. Out here in Phoenix Az. they have so many accidents on the free ways due to drivers driving 15 to 25 miles above the speed limit that they raised the limit to 65. They felt with the higher speed limit people would not drive faster than 65 mph. Boy are they mistaken, now they drive 80 and 85 mph. And when they do have an accident it takes 15 squad cars and 12 hrs investigating what caused the accident. But any way I will be looking in my rear view mirror for you. And about web tv. I would not be without it. Now that I know, if you are correct, I can hook up in Minonk with out paying long distance charges I will hook back up when we get back home.

Bob Cufaude

Bitwise user clobbered with phone charges

I would like to know if anyone in town that uses bitwise internet had a surprise on their phone bill during the month of Feb. If the local dial up number was busy my computer was transfered to either a Bloomington number or Benson number. I was charged over $200 in phone charges long distance because of this. Bitwise says its the phone companys fault. The phone company says its bitwise problem. I am still stuck with the phone bill.


Responses to Minonk's missing trophies editorial

Minonk High School has a history also

Referring to the editorial in Minonktalk regarding school names Minonk-Dana-Rutland, Minonk-Dana I did not find Minonk Community High School. We came in somewhere in the archives and hopefully we are stored in the bus barn as former students. Oh yes... the same school... same place, the school where I graduated in 1943. Poor excuse is given by saying it is counter productive to say we never existed pre-Fieldcrest. We did!!! And still do.

If our school did not exist tell that to all the nurses, doctors, lawyers, executives, teachers, researchers, farmers, businessmen, and families who were educated in the schools of learning called Minonk. When we had no school and the ashes lay, we were educated in church basements, buildings, the library and Masonic Temple, and for a period of time with no books, place was Minonk High School. A new school was erected from the fire. We also held classes in the gym which was spared the fire.

May we now recall all those students who answered the call of duty in December 1941. Some are no longer here to visit or see their former school, all graduates of Minonk's school system.

Now the question is "what to do?" This amused me. Should we as taxpayers have a voice? Also, school board members? We are the ones who pay the bills.

Several years ago my brother, who resides in California, and I were having a conversation regarding a plaque he constructed complete with brass names of his classmates who played basketball on their championship team. He sent the plaque to the high school and received no answer. On an occasion of my class reunion, MCHS class of 1943, I made a trip to the high school to find out if for some reason it was lost in the mail. No. It had been received. The school personnel said "We just could not use it, this is now Fieldcrest." I asked "May I have this so as to return it to my brother?" After an hour of searching the answer was "It was here but I guess it has been lost." Common courtesy would say they had received it and sent it back. Now, could this be in the bus barn? Who knows? Many from this town are gone and I guess forgotten. Huh... they did exist.

My class of 1943 since our graduation from the same high school, in the same gym, hold regular reunions in the Minonk area. We all reflect on our school days at M-C-H-S. Remembering our classmates who are no longer with us we place memory books in the Filger Library dedicated to fellow classmates with a label saying - in memory of ---, class of 1943 Minonk Community High School. Maybe we should put Fieldcrest so people will recognize the school.

I would like to add in closing, as our country grew, we had to add a star for each state when admitted to the United States of America. But we never have thrown out the old ones, only made room for more. Also, the red and white stripes are our "roots", always to remember. Three cheers for the bus barn. Rah. Rah. Rah.

Joan (Johnson) Schneider
M-C-H-S Class of 1943

Glad trophies are found

Dear Dave:
Thank you for finding out where the tophies are . I never dreamed they would be in a bus barn!! I helped win some of those trophies as did others. If we cannot have them in the gym I would be in favor of the Minonk Community Center. I will be in Minonk on May 25th. and the 26th. Our class of 51 will be celebrating oer 50th. reunion. I hope to see you at that time. Thanks again on finding the trophies.

Tom Toler

Use storefront for trophies

Dear Dave,
Tom Toler is my husband's uncle. I am concerned about the MDR (or other combinations of trophies), too. I was wondering if anyone in Minonk had given thought to a small "Minonk Museum". I think we let the history of our town die every day. Would one of the people who own the buildings downtown lend a storefront to create such a thing? I'm sure it could be a tax break and the government might offer grants to start a museum. We could start with the school trophies and put them on loving display since they mean so much to the people who earned them. Then, who knows, maybe people would loan memorable items for display. The back of the Jackson's store has some photos but I think we could do more.

Who owns the old News Dispatch building or the Palmer's Jewelry Store building (last known as a lawyer's office)? These would work. Who knows how long it will be for a Community Center to be built? We could do this in the mean time. Minonk has a heritage that should be preserved. Can we start this? I am game.


Nancy Tweedt Reiter

Time to take action on trophies

Now that we have solved the mystery of the lost trophies it is time for someone to take possession of the trophies. Since the school district is not interested in what happens to them and the board members decided that the trophies have no meaning to Minonk history and put them into a cold shed I feel some action should be taken. This storage spot can not be doing the trophies any good. The humidity, cold has to be doing some harm to them, especially if they saved the pictures. Somehow they should be removed and protected for future showing.

I cannot believe that the present is the only thing that the district is interested in. It seems like their attitude is to hell with the past, and today is all we are interested in. It is like saying everyone will forget the past. Not so. If a vote were taken from everyone who helped earn those trophies I am sure they would argue that these trophies mean as much to them as those that are won in the last few years.

I am sure if Dr. Capasso had contributed to the winning of these trophies he would have found space in the school for them.

Bob Cufaude

Trophies belong in gym

Hi Dave,
I think the trophies should be displayed at the school, as that's where the kids played for and at, and part of the history of their school days. I can't imagine why it would be a problem actually. After all its a positive thing among so many negatives concerning kids and schools these days.

Wanda Patterson

Cardinal not a harbinger of spring

Saw the latest Minonk talk. Cardinals spend the winter, so their appearance is not necessarily a sign of spring. Sorry about that.

Daryle Uphoff

Editor's note: Minonktalk did not mean that a picture of a cardinal is a sign of spring. The real sign of spring was that it was warm enough to go outside and take a picture of a cardinal.

Letters of appreciation

Appreciates Minonktalk

Jim and I have just discovered minonktalk.com thanks to our mutual friend Shirley Barth. We were thoroughly engrossed with the chatty news, editorials, clear photos, historical information, and, of course, the satire. Thank you for doing this and making Minonk an even more special place. (You sure know the intricacies of making a great website!)

Jim and Marcia Stolt

Enjoys reading about Minonk

Hi Dave.

I just wanted to thank you for this WONDERFUL site! I grew up in Minonk (1962-1982) and have lived in the Akron, Ohio vicinity for the past 19 years. With a husband, two children and a full time job, it would be impossible for me to "come home" every time I feel homesick, but you've given me a "place" to go to alleviate my symptoms. It's great to look at the old pictures and read all the interesting tidbits about Minonk--past and present. My parents (Ken and Sharon Lindley) still live in Minonk, as do other family members. I still get back once or twice a year to visit and attend the graduation ceremonies of my nieces and nephews, etc.

I remember your parents, as well. I used to go to their home and enjoyed making crafts with your mother.

I have a lot of memories that revolve around growing up in a large family in a small town--the town being part of that family. Keep up the good work--I look forward to each update! Thanks again!

Sincerely, Denise (Lindley) Robinson

Likes web site

I love your website!!!!!!!! I am a former Minonkite and I only live 13 miles away in Roanoke so I get to visit over in Minonk quite often since I have family still over there. Keep up the good work.

Sonnie (Hattan) Moritz