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The Woodford Hotel

The Woodford Hotel was located in the 500 block of Oak Street in downtown Minonk. Travelers from the trains on the Illinois Central and Santa Fe railroads would stay overnight in addition to motoring guests. It was a favorite dining spot for Sunday noon meals by the locals.

Percy and Lora Landgraver ran the hotel from 1918 till 1924 when they leased it to Robert Armstrong of Chicago. Dr. J. L. Hubbard of Minonk operated the hotel from 1930 to 1934 when Mrs. Landgraver, who had returned to Minonk in 1933, again took up the management.

The iron dog on the front porch was a favorite with the kids.

The hotel was demolished in the early 1970's and was replaced with a new building for the VFW. In 2001 the VFW sold their building that occupied the site of the old hotel. Mary Kearfott of Minonk is now running a restaurant in the building under the name "The Woodford".

This is an early photo of the Woodford Hotel with the entrance to the front and what is believed to be the iron dog guarding the right front of the steps.