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Sutton Building

The Sutton Building was located on the southeast corner of Fifth and Oak Streets. The building shown here burned down in 1940 leaving only the Minonk theater to the south intact. At that time it had a hotel that was run by John McGrail. The site was rebuilt with another building. In the 1950's the building contained a furniture store run by Leo McAvoy and a Leslie's shoe store managed by Carl Morton immediately to the south of the furniture store.

In the early 1990's the Minonk Theater burned down and took the rebuilt Sutton building with it. The site now is a vacant lot owned by the baking company south of the property.

This picture was taken after a fire on March 3, 1940 which destroyed four buildings of the Sutton business district. Note that the Minonk Theater survived the fire but its marquee was pulled down.