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From "Reminiscence At St.Patrick's by Joy Krukewitt"

The St. Patrick's grade school was founded in 1881. The original school was a wooden structure that eventually was replaced in 1905 with the brick structure show here.

The school was shut down at the end of the 1971 school year. At one time it had as many as 125 students with up to 5 sisters doing the teaching.

Grades one through eight were taught at the school with no more than 25 students per class. Two grades were taught in each room. The St. Pat's students rode the public school buses and were allowed to go to the high school cafeteria for their lunches.

In addition to providing the same type of education as taught at the public schools, students were also taught religion for one half hour each day.

The school closed because it had become difficult for the Order of Franciscan Sisters to provide the teachers but the building is still being used for meetings and other various activities.

St. Patrick's school