This week's recipe is submitted by Barbara (Bushness) Hutchison who found the recipe in a 1945 edition of the Minonk News Dispatch.

Frosted Melon

What you need:

1 whole melon 6 oz. cream cheese
1 package lemon JELL-O Milk
2 cups boiling water

How to prepare it:

1) Peel whole melon, cutting slice from end to remove seeds.
(Save this slice.) Turn melon upside down, drain thoroughly.
2) Dissolve gelatin in boiling water, allowing to cool 'til slightly syrupy.
3) Pour gelatin mixture into melon. Chill until firm.
4) Soften cheese with milk and whip 'til light and fluffy.
5) Replace end piece of melon and frost whole melon with whipped cheese.
6) Serve in slices on salad plates garnished with endive and cherries. Serves 4 to 5.

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