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Parade of Lights Goes On in Spite of Weather

Saturday, December 01, 2018 - Posted 8:52:05 PM

The 35th Annual Parade of Lights in Minonk was changed into a display of lights rather than a parade of lights due to the threatening weather conditions Saturday night. Tornado warnings and thunderstorms were forecast for Saturday night so in instead of parading the floats, they were lined up on main street and people could walk or drive by to observe them.

The change in format, however, did not diminish the attraction of the event as many people came to downtown Minonk not only to observe the floats but also to attend the various stores and vendor stands at city hall and to visit Santa Claus at The Sweet Shop. The mood was festive as people lined the sidewalks of downtown Minonk reminiscent of Saturday nights in Minonk of 50 years ago as acquaintances were renewed and the holiday spirit filled the air.

Many thanks goes to Jordan Meyer and her committee who succeeded in turning the Minonk Parade of Lights from a potential wash out into another enjoyable event.

A view of Minonk's Christmas tree at the corner of Fifth and Chestnut streets.

Cars drive by to observe the floats that were displayed along Chestnut street.

A view of some of the floats along Chestnut street.

Several vendors were inside City Hall displaying their merchandise.

Christmas trees were displayed at the Minonk Chocolate Company. Raffle tickets were sold for each tree with the proceeds going to St. Jude's.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus were greeting children at The Sweet Shop.

More floats along Chestnut Street.

The Country Florist. was open for the festivities.

The Minonk Chocolate Company had free samples of their candy at the end of the counter.