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Citizens Advisory Committtee makes proposals for Fieldcrest

Monday, October 27, 2003 Posted 11:30 a.m. Reported by Garilyn Wells
At a meeting Wednesday night in Minonk, the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Fieldcrest School District voted to set up three committees - one for fundraising, one for curriculum and one for the set up of a fund for donations.

The committee also voted to present the following proposals to the school board:

  • 1. All k-5 students will be charged a $25 fee. This will cover their fieldtrips.
  • 2. All 6-8 students will be charged a $150 fee to cover their activities such as student council, choir chimes and KORT.
  • 3. All high school students will be charged a $200 fee to cover their activities such as yearbook, student council, national honor societies, etc.
  • 4. Any middle school or high school student who wants to play a sport will be charged $150 per sport.
The committee discussed the following items but did not make any recommendations. The items were tabled for more information and discussion:
  • Asking the sponsors of activities and coaches of sports to accept a 30-40% pay cut. The school board will have to negotiate the terms.
  • Discussed the attendance center proposal.
  • The committee is looking for more data to determine what the cost saving would be from only sending buses to games and then having them come home.