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Fieldcrest school board meeting

Sunday, June 29, 2003 Posted 11:30 p.m. Reported by Fieldcrest administrative staff

Superintendent-s Report

  • Status of State of Illinois Educational Funding and Impact on District 6

As of this writing District 6 has received all but one double payment of GSA (General State Aid). We are expecting to receive one (1) additional double aid ($185,000) payment prior to the close of the fiscal year on June 30, 2003. Single GSA payments are $92,832 each. We are also waiting for $21,000 for ADA Safety and Educational Block grant.

  • Discussion of Preliminary FY -04 Budget

The preliminary FY -04 Budget in still in the works. As of this writing, only estimated disbursements (expenses) are indicated. At the July meeting a more finely tuned budget will once again be presented. The tentative (FY -04) budget will be placed on public display following the August Board meeting for thirty (30) days prior to its adoption and public hearing at the September Board meeting.

  • Midstate Conference Superintendents- Meeting Overview

In your packets are copies of the minutes of the Midstate Conference superintendent-s meeting held on June 6, 2003 @ El Paso. The minutes are self-explanatory. I will share the minutes with the principals and athletic directors for their input. As a Board, I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

  • Certificate of Substantial Completion for South Elementary

The Capital Development Board (CDB) has vouchered our last payment from the South Construction grant in the amount of $85,000. A final punch list has been presented to the contractors, which must be completed before remaining funds are disbursed.

Old Business

  • Public Hearing and Adoption of FY -03 Amended Budget

Pending any questions from the audience, the final amending process should take a few minutes. The amended FY -03 budget was on public display in the Unit Office for the required thirty (30) days notice was published in a newspaper of general circulation in the District.

New Business

  • Overview and Discussion of Open Meeting Act and New Legislation Governing Executive Session. The bill that would require school boards to tape record closed session meetings was approved by the House of Representatives Wednesday. SB 1586 (Obama, D-Chicago) amends the Open Meetings Act to require public bodies to make and maintain audio or video recordings of their closed meetings. The bill, approved by a House vote of 72-20-24, will be sent to the Governor for action.

The bill requires a public body to keep the verbatim record for at least 18 months and states that the record is closed to the public and shall not be open for public inspection. If civil action is brought regarding an alleged violation of the Open Meetings Act, the court may conduct an "in camera" examination of the verbatim record to see if the Act was violated

    • Amend 2003-2004 District Calendar

    Due to a scheduling conflict with Semester Exams, the previously adopted (4/22/03) -03--04 Calendar must be amended. January 14th was originally a School Improvement Day. This will now become a regular day of attendance. January 20th, originally a regular day of attendance will now be the new date for the School Improvement Day.

    • Approve Purchase of NWEA (Northwest Education Association Computerized Test Program for District 6. Two year ago, District 6 phased out a similar test (STS). Not the same, but similar. The cost was higher, however the information received from the test was not compatible with the new reporting requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Furthermore, the information was also not timely. We can administer this achievement test as often as possible and receive our District results prior to the administration of the ISAT tests in the spring. The beauty of the NEWA is that it is aligned to our curriculum, which is aligned to state standards. One bigger plus is that the costs (training and licensing) are covered by Title II (Teacher Quality) and Title V (Innovative Programs) grants.

    • Approve District Registration and Extracurricular Fees

    The attached Registration and Extracurricular fees have not been changed since first viewed by the Board in January. The fees are realistic. The only addition to the fee list is an increase in lunch prices for adults and children. The attached list shows previous costs and current costs. The lunch revenues are based on average daily meals served.

    • Approve Freshmen Sports Program Fees for Fall -03

    The attached list has been double-checked for accuracy prior to being shared with the High School Booster Club. The Board may approve these fees. I also suggest that prior to the beginning of the fall sports season a statement of rationale and administration be crafted by the Board of Education and the Administration. The unit bookkeeper will establish a separate account for the Freshmen Sports Programs.

    • Issue Bid Materials for 2003-2004; Waste Disposal, Milk, Bread and Fuel Services


    Executive Session

    • Accept the Resignation of Jon Kilgore, Principal, Fieldcrest East
    • Accept the Resignation of Kurt Barth, Assistant Football
    • Accept the Resignation of Mark Brown, Assistant Football

Announcements and Communications

Next Regular Board Meeting July 17, 2003, Fieldcrest High School Band Room

Fieldcrest Registration August 11, Monday, 12:00 Noon until 8:00 PM

Fieldcrest Registration August 12, Tuesday, 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM

First Student Attendance Day August 25, Monday, 8:15 AM until 11:00 AM