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Fieldcrest to Put Out Bids for New Architectural Firm

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - Posted 9:27:13 PM

The Fieldcrest Board of Education approved a motion to advertise bids for a new architectural firm at their monthly meeting Wednesday night in Minonk. Fieldcrest Superintendent Dr Dan Oakley said board members have questioned the guidance and information provided by the school's current architectural firm, The Farnsworth Group, and feels it is necessary the board select a new firm. Bids will be put out next month.

The board also discussed the need for a mobile app for the Fieldcrest School district. Dr. Oakley said he has researched a mobile app by Apptegy which will customize an app for the school for both Iphone and Android phones. The setup fee is $9000 and the annual maintenance cost is $5000 plus $2 for each student, which would add around $2000 more to the annual cost. The board agreed on the importance of an app since more people are starting to use their phones for information than they are from using their computer but no decision was made regarding the purchase of the Apptegy app.

Dr, Oakley said that since the building at Fieldcrest Middle School in Wenona has been considered safe based on the engineering study, the board must decide what is the next step on what to do with the building.

In personnel matters the board approved extra duty assignments for Jennifer Bartman - 8th Grade Volleyball Coach; C. J. Hamilton - HS Boys Track Coach; and Tim Kowalczyk- Art Guild. Sam Bane resigned as HS Boys Track Coach.

The board approved Non-FEA employee raises for FY20. The raises can be viewed at this link.

Dr. Oakley presented the recommended new fee structure for athletic events for 2019-2020. They are:

High School Varsity Events
Adults - $5.00
Fieldcrest students - free
K -12 students (College students with ID) - $3.00
Senior Citizens - $3.00

High School Underclass Contests(Days/Nights)
No gate fee

Middle School Contests(Days/Nights)
Adults - $4.00
Fieldcrest students - free
K -12 students - $2.00
Senior Citizens - $2.00

Athletic Activity Passes
District Level Individual Pass - $80.00
Middle School Only Individual Pass - $50.00
High School Only Individual Pass - $60.00

Passes are valid for regular season contests only. Tournament contests are not included.

Jacob Wall, Superintendent of Fieldcrest Intermediate School, gave a presentation on the activities of the school since February. Mr. Wall said he was very pleased by the results of the testing of the students at the school which shows they are improving and are becoming more proficient. He gave his faculty much credit for the improvement.

Organizers of the Mental Health Awareness Walk held on May 29th reported that 120 signed up for the walk which was very encouraging for a first time event.  They are shooting for 200 participants at next year's walk.