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City Raises Ambulance Call Fee

Monday, March 18, 2019 - Posted 8:09:33 PM

The Minonk City Council approved the raising of the ambulance call fee from $250 to $350 at their Monday night meeting. Administrative Manager Bill Moline said the fee increase puts the city in line with the rates at other cities in the area.

In other business the council tabled a request for a TIF grant to Gold Star Solutions after noting that the TIF rules do not allow payment for work already done by an applicant. The payment request was for plumbing and lighting. The company plans to have a catering business in the former Green Tree Pharmacy building in the north block of downtown Chestnut street. Amy Rossman plans to use the building directly south for her bakery business.

The council discussed the possibility of establishing a rental house inspection program but no decision was made. Alderman John Marcoline said he can see the benefits of such a program but if it isn't enforced like a lot of other ordinances its a waste of time. Alderman Russell asked Mr. Moline to get a copy of a similar ordinance from another city that has such an ordinance for the council to review.

The council approved an ordinance that adopted a Digital Millennium Copyright Safe Harbor Protections which will help the city avoid liability in today's media including their web site.

Administrator Moline reported on the Waste Water Treatment plant upgrades  saying that bid contracts are prepared and will be sent out mid-April and awarded during a May Council meeting. By then the EPA should have reviewed the permit request and given approval.· 

The Motor Fuel Tax Audit is done and on file if anyone wants to review it. · The next 19/20 Budget meeting will be next Monday @ 6 p.m. City Hall. Mr. Moline said the city is continuing to work through infrastructure issues that include sewer main issues throughout town, most recently at Third and Chestnut.

In public comments, James Liner said he noticed that fewer cars are parked across sidewalks after Alderman Marcoline complained about it at the last council meeting.  

Mr. Liner also said he reported 6 street lights being out on March 9th.  Then on March 11 he reported a street light out at the corner of his residence.  On March 15th the light on his corner was working but the other 6 were still out and he wanted to know why.·  Administrator Moline said the defunct lights have all been reported to ComEd, who is responsible for their repair, and does not know why only one of the lights has been restored.

Mr. Liner said the road running one mile north from the northeast corner of the school football field along the east side of Section 6 is in bad shape with pot holes everywhere.  He said the road is in city property and hopes that the city has enough money set aside to repair that road as it is in very bad shape.  Administrator Moline said he is aware of the condition of the road and agrees that it is need of repair but it is too early to do patchwork with blacktop until the weather warms up.

In council comments, Alderman Marcoline has received reports that there is a couple that is walking 2 dogs around town, one without a leash.