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Grosenbach Grocery Closing For Good

Friday, February 15, 2019 - Posted 3:04:31 PM

In an announcement on his Facebook page, Grosenbach Grocery owner Corey Grosenbach said he is closing the store for good. The store was closed last November in hopes of re-opening with a more limited stock. A fund raiser was also held at Crank's last month.

This is a bad sign for Minonk and it appears that grocery shopping in Minonk will be done at the local Dollar General and out of town stores for the foreseeable future.

To view the closing announcement on the Grosenbach Grocery Facebook page, go to


Travis Lee: Not really a shocker.
Andrea Minton:
Anytime someone has to set up a GoFundMe page for a business, is not fit to be owning/running a business. Sorry to hear Minonk is losing the store. I always enjoyed the customers at IGA while working there.
Broc Hovey:
Haha shocker
Jake Handzo:
Well if it wasn't so expensive maybe you guys would have more customers
Kitty Anderson:
sorry to hear this,we live in washburn but often came there since we dont have a grocery store here
Annie Otto: