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Herman Meils Grocery

This photo taken in 1907 shows Jennie Leffers, John D. Meils and his sister Edith Meils in front of their father's grocery store. It is believed that this store was located immediately north of the current Hewitt store in the north block of Main Street. John D. Meils and Jennie Leffers later were married in 1913.

Herman Meils's grocery business was first located in a building that was destroyed by fire on the east side. Later he moved to the building occupied by Tallyn's Memorial chapel, and then moved to the building occupied by the Royal Blue store. In 1908, he retired from the grocery business, selling out to his son, John D. Meils.

Mr. Meils was active in Minonk politics. He was elected mayor in 1903. It was during his administration that the first two blocks of paving was put in on Main Street. The old city hall was erected and the first concrete sidewalks were poured during his administration. He passed away in 1931 and still has many descendants living in the Minonk area.