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Minonk Talk introduces Tales from the Heartland which is a series of letters written by Virginia McBride to her family. Mrs. McBride writes about her life experiences in a unique and refreshing manner. We are grateful that she has given us permission to publish her letters.


To Minonk Friends, We've had two Reunions in July. I heartly approve of Reunions, they're wonderful! We're such busy people, this society of ours, we don't have time or inclination to get together and stay aquainted. We meet for weddings, enjoy the Bride and Groom, thrive on seeing family and making new friends. We meet for funerals, the sadness and grief are lightened by seeing folks we haven't seen for a long time. But the very best is a regular Reunion specifically to once again see people we love, share family news. We get a chance to check out wrinkles. I do believe I have more than anyone!

Our 1st gathering was in honor of Jim (child #3) and Ellen who have returned from Ivory Coast, Africa. Almost 80 attended. Thanks to the Haus we met at their Lake near Ionia. What a perfect setting, we are most appreciative of their hospitality. The weather was kind, not to hot. The food was delicious.

If you haven't ever been treated to a cream can stew, you have been missing a treat. Ed Hau prepared 4 - 10 gal cans with a stew of potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, sweet corn, ham, bologna, Bratwurst, it was delicious. A few flies came to the feast too but I'll talk about flies later- the beasts!! The cans cook in the midst of a good bon fire. Doesn't it sound interesting? Curt's Dad brought his kareoke equipment so lots of sing along and dancing. It all made 2002 a memorable summer. Thanks to all who helped make it so.

Our second Reunion was a Kuhn cousin Reunion, held in New Hampton at the Penicon. My mother was a Kuhn so attendees were from that side of the family tree. Good crowd, good food, good smiles, kisses and hugs. We bring a hobby item, a craft and have an exchange which is so much fun. I was pleased to take home a wooden tractor and trailer crafted by much Uncle Louie. We meet every two years, it seems like an eternity away. God Bless the two volunteers who graciously offered to host the next celebration.

Virginia McBride
Elma, Iowa