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Gardner's Hatchery

The Odd Fellows building at the northeast corner of Fifth and Walnut was the first location of Gardner Hatchery. Later the hatchery would relocate to the south block of Chestnut Street.

What is interesting to note here is the buildings immediately to the east (right) of the hatchery. These buildings have since been destroyed and replaced with the current U.S. Post Office building.

The first building to the east of the hatchery is a house that was occupied by Duke Barnett in the 1950's. Duke was terribly crippled and could not hold his upper body up. He literally walked around Minonk with his body doubled over and his head hanging down to the ground.

Duke shined shoes at Morrie's and Stokowski's barbershop on West Fifth Street where the present Associated Bank is now located.

Duke was quite a philosopher and a good conversationalist. He could talk on any subject with patrons of the barber shop. Nobody seemed to know how he became crippled but everyone admired his determination to carry on a normal life as possible. He never openly complained about his condition.