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October 20, 2003

Group ask city to help keep nutrition meals

Monday, October 20, 2003 Posted 10:00 p.m.
The Minonk City Council was informed that the nutrition meal program in Minonk will end October 31. The coordinator of the nutrution meals, Ruth Steinhilber, told the council that the state and federal funds that supported the program are no longer available. The center currently operates out of the former Woodford Restaurant. She said the nutrition center in Minonk provided over 12,000 meals last year. The center provided delivered meals for Washburn and Wenona in addition to Minonk. The center relies on volunteers to deliver the meals. Steinhilber and the cook, Bernadette Oltman, are paid for their services. Participants in the nutrition program are asked for a $2.50 donation for each meal. Steinhilber said that 515 meals were served in September at the nutrition site. She said there is a need for nutrition meals in the community.

Oltman said that a group met at the former Wigwam Restaurant at the south end of Minonk on Monday to determine if the building could be used for preparing nutrition meals and meals on wheels as well as provide a place for the food pantry. Attending the meeting besides Oltman and Steinhilber were Reverend Dan Swenson, City Administrator Trent Smith, food pantry representative Dean Barth and Minonk Township representatives. Mrs. Steinhilber asked Mayor Mark Spencer if the city would be willing to investigate the possiblity of buying the building for use as a nutrition center and food pantry.

Mayor Spencer said that the group should lobby for political help from the State in getting funds to re-establish the nutrition meals here. He said they should work through City Administrator Trent Smith in getting political help.

New subdivision approved

The council approved final plans for the development of a new subdivision west of the New Millennia Park at the north edge of Minonk at the end of Lincoln Street. Construction of the subdivision is to start this month with installation of water and sewer lines. There initially will be eight lots on the 4.1 acre site. The developer, Progress 2000, has hired the city engineering firm, The Farnsworth Group, to design the subdivision.

Ordinances updated

The council approved Ordinance 2003-12 which stipulates that property owners must maintain the grass areas in front and behind their house.

The council will consider adding the ability for the city to place a lien on property for the cost of cleaning up property that violates the nuisance ordinance at their November 3rd meeting.

The city liquor ordinance has been updated to bring it into compliance with the State Liquor Code. The council will consider the ordinance at its November 3rd meeting.

Tree vandalism

Dave Uphoff asked the council to consider some kind of curfew if vandalizing of the city parking lot continues. The council gave no comment.

Library appointment

The council approved the appointment of Jim Cinnamon to the Filger Library Board.