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October 6, 2003

City awards contract to roof street shed

Monday, October 6, 2003 Posted 8:30 p.m.
The Minonk City Council awarded a contract to reroof the city street shed to Milashoski Brothers Construction for $8,221.01. The only other bid received was from Tjaden Construction for $11,985.00. The contract's provisions require that the old roof be removed and replaced with a new metal roof. All local contractors were invited to bid on the contract but only two were received. The approved contract falls within the budgeted amount of $12,000 for the improvements.

Truck parking ordinance modified

The council approved a motion by Alderman Russell Ruestman to change the truck parking restriction ordinance. The new ordinance increases the weight limit from 5,000 pounds to 8,000 pounds for trucks that are banned from parking on city streets. Also, the council approved increasing the fine from a minimum $5.00/maximum $50.00 to minimum $50.00/maximum $100.00 for each violation. City Administration Trent Smith said that the increase to 8,000 pounds was necessary because many pickup trucks exceeded the old 5,000 pound limit.

Miscellaneous parking ordinance updated

The council approved a motion to include TA, TB and TC plates for restricting the parking of trailers and recreational vehicles on city streets for more than 48 hours. The ordinance currently includes RV and RT plates as well. Owners of trailers are allowed 48 hours to load their trailer. In addition, the new ordinance specifically allows for towing.

Westside Park Pavilion

Westside Park Pavilion Committee member Dave Uphoff said that blocks are still being laid for the new pavilion. Randy Kleen, Bill Pingel, and Mark Arndt have been laying block for the last 3 weekends. Plans are to complete the perimeter blocks next weekend. Uphoff said that laborers from local 996 have been helping each weekend.


The council tabled proposed Ordinance 2003-12 until the next meeting. The new ordinance would require property owners to maintain the grass area in front of and behind their house.

City Administrator Trent Smith thanked Minonk Township for leveling and seeding the grounds at Sutton's Park last month.

Mrs. Richard Vaughn asked the council to enforce some type of parking ban on Maple Avenue in front of the high school. Mrs. Vaughn said that students park on both sides of the street during school hours which results in only one car being able to pass through the street. Mayor Mark Spencer said that the city would look into developing a parking ban during school hours.