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September 15, 2003

City appoints 2 new part time police officers

Mondayy, September 15, 2003 Posted 9:00 p.m.
The Minonk City Council approved the hiring of two new part time police officers at their regular Monday night meeting. Subject to favorable criminal history checks, Mayor Mark Spencer appointed David Jenkins, a Minonk resident and Mark Colclasure, from Roanoke, as part time police officers. City Administrator Trent Smith said that this will not increase the wages in the police department but will allow more time off for the other part time officers. Tim Harper, appointed at the last meeting, has since withdrawn his application and is no longer interested at this time.

Water meter tampering

The council approved a motion to amend Ordinance 2002-08 to prohibit residents from tampering with water valves. Previously, the ordinance only prevented the tampering with water meters. City Administrator Trent Smith said in some cases when the city discontinued water to certain residences for non-payment, the disconnected resident has opened the valve box and turned their water service back on without making the required payment.

Miscellaneous Parking

The council discussed an ammendment to Ordinance 2003-10 Miscellaneous Parking which would allow an owner 48 hours to load a trailer parked on the street. An ammendment to charge for towing was also to be added to the Ordinance. The specific items such as trailers, boats, etc. are to be removed from the ordinance by name. The ammended ordinance would be more general by targeting vehicles/trailers with RV or RT license plates. Alderman Russell Ruestman said that TA license plates should also be included. The voting on the ammendment was tabled until the TA license plates could be added.

Truck Parking Restriction

An ammendment to the Truck Parking Restriction that would increase the weight of the vehicle from 5,000 to 8,000 pounds and to increase the fine from a minimum $5.00/maximum $50.00 to a minimum $50.000/maximum $100.00 for each violation died due to a lack of a second on a motion by Alderman Steve Mattox.

Other news

Public Works Supervisor Charles McGuire said that he was informed by the EPA that as a result of its testing, the City of Minonk wells will be taken off of the Critical Review list.

Alderman Ron Redenius asked if the city could add gravel to the alley behind the Lutheran Church. Redenius said that the church parking lot is to be resurfaced and the church would like the alley surface to be brought up to the level of the resurfaced parking lot. Public Works Supervisor Charles McGuire said that the city would be able to handle the request.

Westside Park Pavilion Committee member Dave Uphoff said that laying of block for the new pavilion was delayed last Saturday because of the threat of rain. Uphoff said that block laying will be started next Saturday.