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City Council Rejects Permit to Grind Concrete

Thursday, September 10, 2020 - Posted 3:34:01 AM
The Minonk City Council rejected a request for a special user permit to grind concrete at the site of the former Young's Garage building at the corner of 6th and Chestnut streets. The request was made by the JIMAX Group who are hired by the fire department to demolish the building. Grinding the concrete is much cheaper than hauling the concrete away in trucks. The request had been approved by the zoning board in a meeting last week and was sent to the council for approval.

A motion to approve the request was made by Alderman Russell Ruestman and seconded by Alderman Larry Fortner. However, Alderman Jonathan Stears and Alderwomen Julie McNamara and Lisa Junker voted no on the motion.

Paul Vallow, representing the fire department, said after the request was denied that the fire department is getting tired of running into road blocks in its attempt to demolish the Young's Garage building. He asked Ms. McNamara why she didn't ask questions or voice her objections when she was at the zoning board meeting where the request was approved by the zoning board. Ms. McNamara said she was not aware that she was allowed to ask questions during the zoning board meeting. Both Ms. McNamara and Ms. Junker said they wanted more information on the process and were concerned about the pollution it might create.

Several members in the audience showed their displeasure at the request rejection and asked if a vote to reconsider the request can be made. Mayor Bill Koos recessed the meeting to research the reconsideration option. When the meeting resumed Mayor Koos said the request can be voted on again if at least 2 of the 3 voting no are willing to ask for a vote of reconsideration. That meeting would have to take place at a future date. However, if the 3 voting no are not willing to do that, the request will remain denied.

On Friday City Administrator Bill Moline announced that a Special Council Meeting will be held on Monday Sept. 14 at 6 p.m. to "Reconsider the vote taken" to approve the Special Use Permit submitted by the JIMAX Group allowing them to crush concrete on site at 610 N. Chestnut.

In other business the council approved a change in the city code to make the wording for processing raw materials for the downtown commercial district to be the same as for the industrial district.

The council approved a motion to allow the food pantry to prepare plans for adding an addition onto the north side of the city hall building. Extra space is needed to accommodate the increase in the number of food pantry recipients.

City Administrator Bill Moline gave the following project updates.
  • The building owners of 556 N. Chestnut were given notice of Ordinance violations as it pertains to the condition of the building. Building is unsafe and needs to be demolished.
  • The West Side Park is getting new basketball equipment installed.
  • City of Minonk hired Justin Gardner to the Public Works Department - Justin started 8/10. 
  • Replaced Well #4 pump and motor that were damaged by weather.
  • Bennington Township wind farm project to start construction Spring 2021 
  • Groveland Township wind farm projected to start construction Fall 2021.