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July 7, 2003

Moran Street to connect with Chestnut Street

Monday, July 7, 2003 Posted 9:50 p.m.
At long last the north end of Minonk will have an east-west throughway to Chestnut Street. After a year of negotiations and work, the Minonk City Council approved the purchase of land from Robert and Kimberly Schmitt for $2,135 that will enable the city to extend Moran Street west to Chestnut Street.

Alderman Bill Koos, who was instrumental in developing the plan, said, "It's a pretty big day for Minonk." Koos said that opening up Moran Street to Chestnut will add a recreational area to the north end of Minonk and improve traffic flow. Koos thanked the Schmitts and Dick Davis for their help and cooperation in making the extension of the road a reality. Koos added that the Moran Avenue extension will be the first leg of Miners Trail which will eventually be expanded throughout the city and connect Millennia Park with Sutton's Park and eventually with Westside Park.

Koos thanked City Administrator Trent Smith and Mayor Mark Spencer for their help. Mayor Spencer said that this is one of the most important documents that he has signed during his tenure. Smith said that the city plans to start construction of the road extension very soon and the work will be done by the city and by Davis Brothers Excavating.

The conditions of the Moran Street extension are as follows:

  • The alley immediately west of Maple Avenue shall be designated as one way from the north to the south.
  • The Moran Street and Maple Avenue intersection shall be designated a 4-way stop intersection.
  • The extension of Moran Street through the newly created park area to Chestnut Street shall have a specified speed limit of 25 mph or less.
  • As per the Conservation easement placed on the land abutting the said Moran street extension on either side, there shall be no building permitted and it shall be designated "No Parking" on both sides of the street.
  • The said alley shall be oil and chipped a length of 150 feet starting from the north end.
  • A two way stop shall be designated at the intersection of Moran Street and the alley directly west of Maple Avenue stopping traffic traveling east on Moran Street.

Oil and chipping approved

The council approved a bid by Road Oil, Inc. of Granville to oil and chip city roads this summer for $10,197.50. Since over $18,000 was budgeted for the projected, Smith suggested that the council ask the contractor to add some additional work to the project since money is available. The council approved a motion to add to the contract. The projected is funded by money from the Motor and Fuel Tax.

City Administrator's report

The city has received four applications in response to an ad to replace a third full time police officer. The deadline for applications was Monday, June 23. None are qualified for the full time position and none have any PTI training. Interviews will conducted with three of the applicants for the part time position next week.

The police department received another grant for more protective body armor. The city will be paid 50% of the cost when it is purchased.

The city received a surprise invoice from the EPA last week. Two annual sewer treatment permits that have been previously been free of charge will now cost the city $7,500 annually. The State Finance Revenue Act that passed in the Spring Session of the Illinois General Assembly established these new fees.

Thanks were given to the public works department for the tremendous amount of work they did in preparation for the July Fourth celebration including tree trimming along the parade routes, erecting fences, street clean up, picnic table placement, barricade placement and replacement and garbage cleanup during the event in addition to their other routine and extra duties.

Other business

Alderman Ron Redenius asked the mayor if it is possible to make Johnson Street in front of the Fieldcrest Elementary South school into a two way street again. Redenius said that even if it only is effective during the summer it would help. Redenius said that kids use the alley ways to cut through between Fifth and Sixth Streets. Mayor Spencer said that he would contact the school to see if that would be possible.

Redenius also suggested that the city smooth out Sutton's Park and reseed it for next year. He said that the property is the site of a former railroad bed and has many undulations and rough spots.