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City Approves TIF Request

Monday, June 17, 2019 - Posted 8:27:27 PM
The Minonk City Council approved a TIF application from Minonk Autobody Monday night. The council approved a grant of $6,304.32 which is 1/3 of the total project cost of $19,104 for covering interior walls with steel, installing gutters and downspouts, and a new heating system at the company's building at 321 Oak Street. The payment will be made in 2 installments of $3,152.16 each.

City Administrator Bill Moline gave the following updates of city projects.
  • Met with Mid Illinois Mechanical on Water Treatment Plant upgrades – reviewed additional upgrades that could be added with the initial quote coming in much lower than budgeted. Upgrade on initial project should begin in August once all of the materials are available.
  • Motel 6 parking lot completed so will be paying out that TIF 1 payment request
  • Working on sidewalk replacements/had a few sewer main repairs/need to start getting some work done around the Sewer plant before our EPA audit.
  • Having a few minor issues out at the Waste Water treatment plant that are being addressed.
  • We are still waiting to get all of the MFT road work bids in.
Mr. Moline also announced that Minonk Police Chief Marc Wright is back on duty after an 8 month tour of duty in Afghanistan.