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April 21, 2003

City warned of possible closure of I-39 overpass

Monday, April 21, 2003
Alderman Dean Barth informed the Minonk City Council of a possible closure of the I-39 overpass at the Minonk interchange. Barth said he was informed of that possibility at a meeting with the Woodford County Highway Department. Apparently, the ramps leading to the overpass from both directions is deteriorating because of the shale used to build up the ramps. Ironically, the shale came from the coalmine slagpile north of Minonk that was called "The Jumbo". Its demolition created a controversy in Minonk since the slagpile was considered a Minonk landmark.

Mayor Mark Spencer said that he will do whatever it takes to prevent the overpass from being closed. City Manager Trent Smith said that an option is to put in stoplights and have one way traffic during the reconstruction of the ramps. Smith said that the project could take 2 or 3 months but probably will not be started until next year.

Street named

The council unaminously approved a resolution to name the street that runs between Veterans Park and the Minonk Township Cemetery to be Veterans Drive.

Budget approved

Alderman Bill Koos, Chairman of the Finance Committee, said that the budget for 2003-2004 has been approved. Koos said that the budget has a good infrastructure plan and also will provide improvement to the parks and recreation program. Koos said that he hopes the State does not take any more money away from the budget during its economic belt tightening.

Westside Park Pavilion plans

Alderman Dean Barth, Chairman of the Westside Park Pavilion Committee, said that he and Dave Uphoff will be meeting with a union leader on Friday, April 25, to discuss plans for having the unions help construct the proposed pavilion with donated union labor. Barth said that meetings will be held with other unions in an attempt to formulate a plan for completing the pavilion. Alderman Sherry Stalter asked Barth when the pavilion will be done. Barth said that we are a lot closer than we were a year ago and hopefully it will be done sometime this year.

City Administrator's Report

City Administrator Trent Smith said that the water from the newly drilled Well #4 is being tested this week and the well should be ready to be put into operation very soon. Smith said that Layne-Western, the well driller, is contracting with local landscapers to finish the seeding and landscaping around the well.

A new water line has been laid from the Builta Addition north to Fourth Street to complete the loop for a water tie-in.

Interviews have been completed with a candidate for a fourth police officer. An open land grant has been approved to allow the city to purchase some land at the north end of Suttons Park.