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1952 brings free pie, Halloween parade

Submitted by Jari Lynn Oncken - August 26, 2017

1952 brings free pie, Halloween parade

Oct. 9: State mines and minerals officials have given the city of Minonk permission to use the coal mine, which closed in 1951, to dispose of run-off storm water.

Oct. 16: Free pumpkin pie, coffee and cider will be served at Leiken Motor Sales garage next Thursday when they will hold an open house for the showing of the new 1953 Dodge.

About half of the big corn crop around Minonk has been harvested and the average yields run from 60 to 80 bushels an acre.

The Princess Sweet Shop chocolates have a fine reputation for quality and tourists have stopped and later recommended them to others.

Oct. 23: The annual Halloween party and parade sponsored by the Minonk Chamber of Commerce will be held next Friday night at 7 p.m. The parade will line up at Vissering's corner and march down the main business street, two blocks to Goodwin's corner, then east across the I. C. tracks to the Minonk Theatre. Prizes will be awarded for best costume in four classes. Each child will be given a treat after the show.

The 1952 high school homecoming queen is Martha Mc Cully. Her court consists of Patty Eden, junior queen, Caroline Kapraun, sophomore queen, and Carolyn Sterritt, freshman queen.

Nov. 6: Eisenhower and Stratton elected; Republicans sweep state, nation.

Nov 13: Cement work on Route 51 is finished from Minonk to Rutland. Now that many other parts of that great U. S. highway have been rebuilt and repaired, Route 51 will carry more through traffic than ever before.

A pioneering step in merchandising will be taken in Minonk this week when Hornsby's store will officially open as a self-service market tomorrow.

Art Hornsby has had a store here for about five years. He bought out Harry Heider and has operated the store from the former Heider location.

Minonk-Dana's 1952 football squad wound up its season last Friday night losing to El Paso 19 to 0. The season's record was 2 and 7.