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1952 brings Route 51

Submitted by Jari Lynn Oncken - August 14, 2017

Sept. 18: Mrs. Mary Kipp, owner of Minonk Telephone Co., died while visiting her sister in Chicago Heights yesterday. She spent her entire life in Minonk.

Sept. 25: Mary Kipp's sister, Mrs. Paul Helsel, has taken over the management of the Minonk Telephone Co. for the present.

Goodwin Bros. and Co. will observe its 40th year in business next Tuesday. The principal owner is Bert Goodwin, who with his older brother, the late Arthur Goodwin, took the Ford agency and started the business in 1912. They first operated it in a wagon shed at their home and later located in the Pickard building on the east side. About 18 months later, in the spring of 1914, they moved into their own building which they erected south of the present Sanitary Bakery.

In the spring of 1918, they moved into their newly built structure at the corner of 4th and Chestnut streets. They purchased and expanded the Parks building to the north in 1947.

Oct. 2: Construction began yesterday on the remodeling of the front of the John F. Janssen building at 470 Chestnut Street, where he and his son, Gilbert, conduct a tavern business.

Pouring of cement for the state hard road, Route 51, from Minonk to Rutland is expected to start next Monday.

Oct. 9: The purebred Milking Shorthorn herd of milk cows owned by Peter Ruestman, Jr., of Minonk, was the high herd in the Woodford Dairy Herd Improvement Association in September. His herd produced an average of 1,055 pounds of milk and 43.8 pounds of butterfat for the 30 day testing period.