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1942: Phonograph records, bowling, and school buses

Submitted by Jari Lynn Oncken - May 20, 2017

May 28: 92 Minonk men are in the U. S. Armed forces serving Uncle Sam.

Eight million citizens of Illinois have been requested to pause for one minute at 1:25 p. m. Sunday June 7 and face to the west in silent tribute to the heroes who are defending the nation's outposts in the Pacific.

On minute earlier, from one end of the state to the other, sirens will sound, church bells toll and whistles blow calling attention of the people of the state to the treacherous attack of Pearl Harbor six months prior to that hour.

June 18: Local service stations operators contacted this morning announced that they have a combined total of almost five tons of rubber collected to date.

Marlene Dietrich, possessor of the famed legs of motion picture renown, together with a maid, an Army officer, a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and an escort of state highway patrolmen paid Minonk a brief visit yesterday morning.

She had a snack at the Alamo Café at about 9:30 a. m. She is touring the nation in interest of promoting the sale of war bonds and stamps, and in addition is including visits to Army and Navy camps in her itinerary.

The Minonk Community High School band presented the first in a series of five open air band concerts at the Minonk City Park.

Paul Rowland is shutting down his greenhouse at the south edge of the city after operating for more than ten years.

Kent Lumber Company purchased the South Side Coal Yard from Joseph J. Hindert and John Leffers.

July 30: A single donation of 3,500 phonograph records was received by the local American Legion post this week from J. W. Van Doren.

These records, nearly all of which were unused, were in the stocks of the Van Doren Jewelry store when phonograph sales ended with the advent of radio.

The American Legion hopes to collect 37,500,000 nationally. They will be sold and the proceeds will be used to buy phonographs and record players for every Army, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard base where U. S. troops are serving.

Samuel Wylie, who is an Eagle Scout, is organizing a Minonk Scout Troop sponsored by the Lion's Club.

Boys from 12 to 14 years are eligible and are urged to join. The newly organized troop has already placed an order for four new tents and some equipment to add to that already on hand.

Aug. 13: W. G. Sutton Coal Company was awarded a large coal contract with the Pontiac Reformatory which will amount to be about 12,000 tons. This marks the 22nd consecutive year that the local mine has been awarded contracts to furnish coal to state institutions.

For a full half hour last night Minonk residents experienced their first total blackout, as Central Illinois joined with other Midwest states in staging its first wartime blackout rehearsal.

Over 50 women joined the local chapter of the WCTU Women's Christian Temperance Union sponsored by the local churches. Each individual chapter is permitted to decide the manner in which they wish to carry on their program against alcohol.

The population signs for Minonk on U.S. 51 are to be changed to read 2,000 instead of 1,900.

The Minonk Recreation Parlors will have the official opening for bowlers in this vicinity on Saturday according to an announcement made by Clifford Kalkwarf, manager.

Sept. 3: About 180 pupils have registered at the high school for the new school year. Grade school enrollment totals 145.

Sept. 10: Christmas shopping for men in the service must start soon to be mailed by Oct. 1.

Two school buses will go into operation on or about Oct. 1, carrying students from the surrounding territory to the Minonk Community High School. At present the students from rural areas are coming to school using private transportation, however, with the existing tire shortage, the local school board members felt that some students would be forced to drop out of school unless a means of transportation was provided.

Sept. 17: Well in excess of the total scrap collections in the county, a total 310 tons of junk was turned in by residents in this locality.