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Editorial: A Tribute to Two Active Community Members We Have Lost

August 7, 2019   Editor: David Uphoff
Minonk lost two active members of the community this past month in the passing of Mark McNamara and Jari Lynn Oncken.

Mark McNamara was a member of the Minonk City Council when he passed away on July 17th. Even though his health was failing and he needed oxygen, he still attended city council meetings up until 3 weeks before his death. He left a letter that his wife Julie read to the city council at their meeting last Monday night. His comments showed his commitment to his duty as a councilman and his hopes that the younger generation on the council will carry on. He also was a bus driver for the Fieldcrest School District and enjoyed looking after the children in the community. His wife said Mark loved this community which was exemplified in his involvement in the community.

Jari Lynn Oncken, who died on August 4th, was known as the "history woman" of Minonk. She and the late Donna Rae Eilts helped get this web site started with their old photos and articles from the past which they had accumulated from their research on Minonk history. The MinonkTalk web site benefited tremendously from their research.

Jari Lynn provided many articles for this web site for which we are deeply grateful. She continued to do research on Minonk history almost up to the end. In addition to her history articles, she was a wonderful singer who sang at many funerals. She was a mainstay in the coffee shops of Minonk and her absence will be felt.

Both Mark McNamara and Jari Lynn Oncken had a love for our community and showed it with their involvement. We posthumously thank them for their commitment in making Minonk a good place to live.

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