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City Council Meeting Summary

Tuesday, February 06, 2024 Posted by Dave Uphoff
The Minonk City Council approved several measures Monday night at their monthly meeting.  The council approved the Adoption of the 2023 Woodford County Multi-Jurisdictional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan.  One of the advantages of the plan is that is provides a source of funding for the city.

The council also approved the renewal of the NIMEC contract which enables the city to get better electrical rates in conjunction with other municipalities that are involved in the group rate included in the contract.  City Administrator Bill Moline said the city has saved over $20,000 in electrical rates by being included in the contract over the years.  He  said he is going to see if he can get other accounts into the contract that will result in lower rates.

The council discussed the upcoming contract with the city's garbage collector, Republic Garage Service.  City Administrator Moline said the current contract specifies that Republic must pick up missed garbage within 48 hours which was generally adhered to.  However, in the past two storms many collections were not picked up and Republic said they won't be back for another week to pick up the missed garbage.  Mr. Moline said he wants to make sure that issue is covered in the new contract.  Another thing to discuss is whether to reimburse customers who did not receive service.  The council decided to wait until the Mayor returns to finalize the terms of the garbage contract.

The council approved the bidding on a used plow/salt truck that is to be set up for bids by Bennington Township.  The vehicle is a F-350 Diesel with 48,000 miles and includes a salt spreader and a nine foot plow.  Alderwoman Julie McNamara said the value of the truck with its equipment is estimated to be $65,000.  The bidding will occur on February 15 and after the bids are open, bid prices can be increased in order to win the bid.

There was discussion on extending a road from the corner of Elm and Second Street west as to whether the city has to extend the road or whether it is up to the owner of the property who wants to add some buildings to the lots that the road would reach.

In public comments, John Crowley, owner of Knight Fitness on Chestnut Street, asked if the city would be willing to sell the seven lots at the northwest corner of Fifth and Chestnut streets so he can expand his business to include a physical therapy building along with offices.   The lot size is 48 feet by 100 feet and is directly south of the Knight Fitness building.  Mr. Crowley said the trees on the berm would remain in place.

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City Council Meeting Summary