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Fieldcrest Board Meeting Summary

Friday, November 17, 2023 Posted by Superintendent David Johnson

The following is a summary of the Fieldcrest School Board meeting held on October 25, 2023.  Please note, these are informal notes from the board meeting to help keep the community and staff members informed of district happenings. If you would like to read the official agenda or other board documents, go to the following website.  Official minutes are not typically approved and published until the next board meeting. https://www.unit6.org/board_of_education/board_meeting_documents

  • The board did go into closed session to discuss personnel issues and a student discipline issue.

  • Good News Report - Fieldcrest High School principal Emory Burdette and teacher Lindsay Hahn asked the Celebration Committee to share what they have been doing this year.  This group of students meets every Monday to discuss students, clubs, and teams that deserve recognition for what they do as a Knight.  The group helps plan the monthly assemblies where the committee publicly recognizes the great things happening in the school.

  • Board voted to approved:

    • Financial and Personnel items

    • A resolution to hold a Truth in Taxation Hearing.  Each year Fieldcrest holds a public Truth and Taxation Hearing to explain the tax levy for the upcoming year.  The Board of Education will approve the levy at the December 20th meeting.  The resolution is simply a prior announcement that schools do for clear communication with the community.  Last year the tax levy for Fieldcrest CUDS 6 was $11,717,678.  For this coming year, Fieldcrest will maintain the same tax rate as the previous year which calculates the levy at $12,613.504.  

    • In personnel the board approved the following appointments: Non-Certified Extracurricular - Carol Bauer - High School Track Coach(Girls); Mike Hamer - High School Track Coach (Boys); Emma Lohr - Middle School Track. Volunteer: Krystin Swartz - Middle School Volleyball. Retirement: Debbie Klendworth - Primary School Teacher (After 2027-2028).

  • Mr. Johnson shared:

    • The Tjaden Family extended a thank you to the district for their support in regards to the passing of Harold Tjaden.

    • The board will be looking to approve a slight change to Board Policy 2.230.  This policy explains the process of public comments at board meetings.  The current policy suggests that larger groups appoint a spokesperson to speak for the group.  The proposed change would add the following sentence to the policy, "The names of the individuals represented by the spokesperson should be submitted to the Board President in writing."

    • November 15th was School Board Member Day.  Mr. Johnson thanked the board for their time and work in helping lead the district.  School board members do not get paid for their work as a school board member.  The board members were presented with a small Fieldcrest cooler with some treats inside.  The two student members of the board were also recognized for their voice as part of the group and given a cooler as well.

    • The Truth in Taxation Hearing and approval of the levy on December 20th was once again shared.

  • Principal Reports:

    • Mr. Chaplin thanked the various groups and people that helped the Primary School celebrate Veterans Day.  Local veterans and family members joined the school's program on November 10th where students dressed in the armed forces uniforms and shared information about each branch of the military.  Phyllis Scheuer spoke about her experience with the Honor Flight Network.  She encouraged other veterans to take part in this program.
      A donation from Illinois Pork Producers, Pam Janssen, provided a Monical's Lunch on Friday, November 10 to the entire school.

    • Mr. Lorton shared pictures of the Halloween costumes from October.  He also discussed the class projects that the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students did in relation to Veterans Day.  Several students sold enough chocolate bars in the school's fundraiser to earn the privilege of smashing a pie in Mr. Lorton's face.  The board is looking forward to video and pictures of this future event.

    • Mr. Hall thanked his staff and students for their Veterans Day celebration.  Mr. Brown's class invited local veterans to a breakfast at the school.  The breakfast was prepared by a variety of staff members at the Middle School.  Student Council members individually greeted each veteran that came to the school, and both the band and choir played for the event. 
      While some sports are starting to slow down, other sports are just getting started.  The Middle School is a very busy place with not only Fieldcrest events, but postseason tournaments being held at the Middle School.

    • Mr. Burdette shared pictures of the assembly and lunch to honor Veterans Day.  Dr. Phil Pulley (teacher and veteran) was the keynote speaker at the event.  Several students also spoke about the meaning of Veterans Day and the choir sang as part of the program.  A taco bar lunch was served for the Veterans and any family that attended.

Mr. Burdette also announced that the high school has 7 Illinois State Scholars, these students were William Applen, Nathan Cook, Annabelle Fortner, Ian Lyon, Ava Marty, Cassidy Palm, Alexandra Wiesenhofer

A donation from the Minonk Community Bank for a Senior of the Month that will be starting backdating to October. The English Department will select a winner for October and the Social Science Department will select November's winner.

  • Committees and Board Comments

    • Heather McKay will represent the Fieldcrest School Board at the upcoming Illinois Association of School Board (IASB) delegate meeting.  Part of the delegate meeting will be voting to advise the IASB whether or not to lobby for certain legislative changes.

    • The school board will be attending the ILSB annual meeting in Chicago on Friday and Saturday.  A variety of sessions are offered to school board members to help keep them informed of educational, legal, and leadership issues.

    • The following committee meetings will be happening prior to the next school board meeting:

      • Finance Committee Meeting - November 27, 2023 at 4:30 pm, Superintendent's Office

      • Policy Committee Meeting - December 5, 2023 at 5:00 pm, Superintendent's Office

      • Close Session Minutes Review - December 14, 2023 at 4:30, Superintendent's Office

  • Next regular meeting…Wednesday, December 20, 2023 at Fieldcrest High School at 6:30 pm.

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Fieldcrest Board Meeting Summary