Beth Uphoff photographed the mating dance of two rabbits. Her research described the procedure as follows:

Before a litter's conceived, adult rabbits go through an interesting mating ritual in order to attract and select a mate. A male and a female, also known as a buck and a doe, perform a sort of dance in which the buck chases the doe until she stops, faces the buck and boxes him with her front paws. This goes on until one of the pair leaps straight into the air. The second rabbit also leaps into the air, completing the ritual and signalling that mating can now take place."

I thought what these rabbits were doing was not their typical behavior. After photographing what was going on I looked up mating rituals for rabbits and lo and behold that's what these two were doing.

The female rabbit first punches the male rabbit in the nose.

One of the rabbits leaps in the air.

Then they both jump up in a dance.

Photo submitted by BethUphoff