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Circus Elephants are Big Draw

Saturday, September 30, 2017 - Posted 9:14:16 PM
The Kelly-Miller Circus came to Minonk this year with their elephants and they proved to be a big draw for the youngsters as they waited in line to ride the elephants. Last year the elephants were not here with the circus but this may be the last time we will see an elephant in a circus as the State of Illinois is banning elephants in circus starting next year. In any event, the circus people put on a good show that lasted 2 hours for each of its two performances at 2 and 5 pm. Below are photos of some of the circus acts.

This is the entrance to the big top which took only a few hours to raise Saturday morning.

Elephant rides proved to be a big hit with the youngsters as Lance Claeys enjoys a ride one one of the pachyderms.

A performer with the hoops.

This zebra was able to add and subtract by choosing the card with the right answer.

Aerial artists perform their acts.

An expert roper swings a rope around himself.

An artist who can juggle with his feet.

The final act was the elephants.