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Fieldcrest Board Gets Estimates for Fixing Heating Problems

Thursday, September 28, 2017 - Posted 1:18:54 PM
The Fieldcrest Board of Education was presented an estimate on reducing heating cost at the middle school in Wenona.  Representatives from Ruyle, a mechanical service company from Peoria, presented cost estimates to fix the heating problem and estimated savings.  An analysis revealed that the middle school in Wenona had an annual gas bill of $31,000 or 48 cents per square foot while the secondary school in Toluca had an annual gas bill of $9000 or 14 cents per square foot.

The study indicated that the major cause of heat loss at the Wenona school was due to faulty steam valves that resulted in the heating system running full blast which resulted in windows being opened or closed to regulate the heat.  Other heat losses were due to single pane windows and flimsy plastic material for wall coverings and no insulation.

The recommended fix to the problems was broken down into 3 phases, (1) replace all steam traps at $27, 559.20, (2) replace steam valves and actuators at $17,689.20, and (3) replace non-programmable pneumatic thermostats with programmable thermostats at $48,845.00.   If all recommendations are implemented the estimated project cost would be $76,478.40 after incentives and will result in a payback of 5.1 years and a 20 year savings of $297,650.00

Budget Hearing

The board adopted the FY18 budget. Superintendent Dr. Dan Oakley gave a presentation on the school's budget.  He said the school's starting operating fund stands at $2.1 million.  The anticipated Education Fund revenue is $9,273,319 with expenditures expected of $10,094,124 of which over $8,000,000 is for salary and benefits.

The expected revenue for the Transportation Fund is $1,210,000.  The increase in the transportation cost for the newly implemented attendance centers is around $100,000 but that amount is offset by a reduction in the number of staff required.  

The school will start to receive fund that formerly went to the Wenona TIF and the General State Aid (GSA) will be reduced by $2000 per student lost over the next 3 years.  The Minonk wind farm revenue will bring in $1,000,000 but that will be offset by a $500,000 reduction in state aid funds.

Dr. Oakley said the school was shorted $450,00 from the State of Illinois this year and said he still doesn't know how much state funds will be forthcoming this year.  He said the school should be able to avoid borrowing this year except for a short term cash flow situation and added that the budget overall will be slightly under water over the next 3 years.

MAPP Testing

Dr. Oakley said the results of the Fall MAPP Baseline testing indicates there is room to grow as the test scores were 43% below the national average.  He said he wants to see an average of 1 years growth for each student and cited the need to concentrate more on the lower grades as that is where achievement potential can best be increased.

In other business, NAPA won the winning bid of $2005 for the school van #23 that was put up for bids.  The board approved a motion to require council approval for board expenses that exceed $350 for an event or trip.