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Streator Youths Vandalize Minonk

Monday, August 28, 2017 - Posted 9:15:26 PM
Three youths from Streator played havoc on Minonk property late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. According to Minonk Police over 10 charges of criminal damage to property was charged to the juveniles in addition to 3 charges of car theft. Among the damage was spray painting graffiti on houses and cars in the area southwest of downtown Minonk. The youths also broke into unlocked cars with the keys inside and took them for a joy ride and abandoned the vehicles. All of the vandalism occurred after the vandals left a birthday party being held on Washington street Saturday night.

Gina Greenland who lives at Johnson and Fifth streets said she heard someone break into her garage and discovered that her car had been sprayed painted with black paint. The vandals then went into a shed owned by Rodney Ruestman around 4 am. A neighbor across the road happened to be up and noticed the light from the cell phones of the vandals in the shed and notified the Ruestmans. The vandals then took off by foot.

The next episode occurred when Minonk resident Pedro Hernandez woke up early Sunday morning when he heard someone start up his car. He immediately got up and gave chase to the culprits and caught up with them. He then notified Woodford County for aid and with their help were able to apprehend the vandals.

The vandals were arrested by Woodford County authorities and were jailed in the Woodford County jail Sunday. Woodford County authorities are handling the case while the Minonk Police Department is handling the criminal property damage.

Since Minonk does not have police protection between 3:00 am and 7:00 am it is especially important for residents to make sure they keep their property protected from vandals. Minonk Police Officer Jerod Clark said Minonk residents should make sure they lock their doors and vehicles, especially at night, to ward off potential theft.

Shown above is the garage at the Immanuel Lutherean parsonage that was covered with graffiti put on by vandals.


Amanda Leigh: A little worrisome considering I live right in the middle of all of that!
Krista Keene Cunliffe: This is sickening.
LeeAnn Mathis: Hold the parents accountable.
Minonktalk: The article has been corrected to state that it was Gina Greenland, not Amanda Greenland whose car was spray painted. We apologize for the error.