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CIty Council Approves Two TIF Requests

Monday, August 20, 2018 - Posted 8:06:44 PM
The Minonk City Council approved TIF funds for two Minonk buildings at their normal Monday night meeting. 

The city granted Zack Meyer $17,500 for replacement of windows in the former Hank's Alley Saloon at the alley on West Fifth Street. The payment represents 50% of the total cost of $35,000 for replacement of the windows payable in 3 installments of $5835.67 over the next 3 years. Mr. Meyer purchased the building last year and is in the process of renovating the building and plans to open it again when renovation is complete. He already has a complete bar fixture in storage that he plans to install later to replace the original bar that was sold several years ago.

The council also approved a one time payment of $3210 to Grosenbach Grocery for replacement of equipment that failed this past month. The payment represents 50% of the replacement cost of $6415.12 for the equipment which included a hot water heater, a compressor and a few other pieces of equipment.

In other business, the council approved the payment of $31,290.79 to Mid Illinois Mechanical for work on the storm sewer project, approved increasing the limit on the credit card used by the 5 city departments from $3500 to $10,000 and approved the results of the MFT audit.

Administrative Manager Bill Moline gave the following project updates:

· Sewer project - Electricians done - pumps fired up today around noon- screen supplier working Tuesday 8/21 and depending on how the startup goes, will be ready to train Public works employees Tuesday afternoon.

· Oak Street water main - done 

· Sidewalk work will continue in a couple of weeks after getting a few other items done 
    o Spraying weeds, crosswalk painting etc. etc. 

· Tri-County Regional Planning Commission seat available - does Minonk want it?   It cost $1600 to belong to the Commission.  Mayor Bill Koos said for Mr. Moline to get back to the Commission and tell them the city will make a decision on the seat at the next council meeting.

· He will be attending a meeting Thursday night about the new Woodford County Star Com 21 radio system being installed next year.

Mr. Moline said one of the light poles need to be repaired at the football field and wanted to know if it is the city or the school's responsibility for maintenance of the lights. Alderman Mark McNamara said the city is responsible for maintenance of the lights at the football field.  

Alderman Russell Ruestman asked Mr. Moline to get a quote on repairing the light.  Mayor Koos cautioned that the city must take into consideration that the school may be building a new football field somewhere else and maybe the city should reconsider whether it is financially wise to do repairs at the present football field.

Alderman John Marcoline wanted to know why there aren't more spaces for handicap parking in the end zones at the football field.  Presently, there are 4 spaces available.  Further discussion revealed that the football field and track are open to the public for their own use except on the day of football games.

In city council comments, Alderman Larry Fortner asked that people keep their dogs off the ball fields at Veterans Park because of the mess they make.

In public comments, James Liner told the council the $10,000 the city spent to have the Minonk newspapers digitized for the Filger Library web site was money well spent.

Rodney Ruestman commented on how his family appreciates the delivery service provided by Grosenbach Grocery.