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Tutorial for Minonk Newspaper Search

Thursday, August 16, 2018 - Posted 10:45:42 AM
With the digitizing of Minonk newspapers, it is now possible to view articles from 1870 up to 2014 through the Filger Library website. Below is a tutorial on how to conduct searches on the articles to find information about yourself or someone else or about an event

To begin your search, click on the link to the Filger Library website which can be done by clicking on the Filger Library photo at the middle of the MinonkTalk webpage or by clicking the Community link at the top of the MinonkTalk webpage and then select Filger Library. The link address for the Filger Library is

When the library webpage comes up go the middle right of the page and look for Find Books, Articles, and Media as shown to the right.

Then click on the Digitized Historic Local Newspapers link.

This will display the website for Digital Reel which provides links to the Minonk and El Paso newspaper articles.

To select Minonk newspapers click on the MINONK NEWSPAPERS LINE as shown below.

After clicking the Minonk Newspapers line a web page will be displayed as shown below:

The Minonk News Dispatch will have articles from 1870 through 2001. The Woodford County Journal will have articles from 2002 through 2014.

Click on the MINONK NEWS DISPATCH line and the following web page will be displayed.

A line for each year will be displayed for 1870 through 2001.  Most people will probably want to search for an article based on a word or name. Below is an example using my name, Dave Uphoff, as a search word.

Notice that the search word is enclosed in double quotes. It is not necessary to use capital letters in your search word. The search returned 77 articles with my name and each article is listed. If I had entered Dave Uphoff without any quotes, 14,638 articles would be returned because it would list any article with the word 'Dave' or the word 'Uphoff'. So it is important to enclose multiple words within quotes.

To view a specific article, click on the blue headline for the article as shown below:

 and the page for that article will appear as shown below.

The yellow area indicates the area in the article where my name is located. To get a closer look of the article, you can zoom in either my using the scroll button on the top of your mouse or by clicking on the zoom icon which is a plus sign shown at the top right of the window. You also can drag the window around by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse to the desired area of the article.

Click the zoom icon until the article is readable as shown below.

If you wish to save a portion of the article, click on the Clip icon as shown below.

After clicking on the Click icon put your mouse at the upper left corner of where you want to cut the article and then hold down the left button of your mouse and drag the mouse left and then down until the area of the article is surrounded by a blue line. Once you release the mouse button the selected area will be displayed again in very large letters as shown below.

You can download the selected article shown above by clicking the Download icon as shown below:

A download window will be displayed asking you what type of file format you wish to download. It is recommended you select the Download as PDF item because pdf files are commonly used over the internet. The file will be downloaded to your Download directory on your computer. You can then click on the file, which will be displayed at the lower left of your screen, which will open the file on your local PDF reader. You can then view or print it. The download feature is probably preferable to the print function as it will save file in the Download directory of your computer and can then be printed later or sent to someone else.

You can also print the article by clicking the Print icon as shown below.

This will display the following message.

You must click on the Open as PDF button which will then display the article in the PDF reader program where you can then print the article by clicking the print icon at the upper right of the window. Some people have reported problems printing articles with this method. If so, choose to download the article and then print it from your computer.

If you wish to view articles from a certain year, click on the appropriate year

 and the following page will be displayed.

This page shows that this is roll number 1.  To view the pages on this roll, continue to click the arrow at the right side of the screen until an article is displayed as shown below:

Notice at the top that this is page 3 of 1258 which means there are 1258 pages for this year. You can scroll through each page by clicking on the arrow at the right of the screen or clicking the arrow at the left to go back.

Unless you know which specific page you are looking for it is probably easier to enter a search word to find articles of interest. 

The Filger Library is holding a training session on August 30 from 4 to 7 pm for those who wish to have hands-on training for searching the newspaper articles.