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Area Farm Owners Notified of Proposed Wind Project in Minonk Area

Sunday, August 12, 2018 - Posted 9:02:25 PM
Many farm land owners in Clayton and Greene Townships in Woodford County were notified by an August 1, 2018 letter from Chris Green , Senior Development Manager, Tri Global Energy, headquartered in Dallas, TX of a proposed wind project. The letter offered signing bonuses if a Wind Lease is signed before September 1, 2018. However, at this point they do not have a final draft of the Wind Lease.

See attached for the area being focused on which is inside the red line boundaries. The area on the west side of I-39 is the primary location but they are also interested in developing in the area on the east of I-39 too. The project will require 10k-15k of acreage depending on the shape of the properties.


Marlene McCloskey Zmia: Guess I'll have to go to their meetings with our neighbors. Alot of that land is at least 2 farmers livelihoods and home. NO WAY!!!
Christopher Nix: No
Paul Milashosmi: They need to put it in there back yard this stinks