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Minonk's New Ambulance is Here

Friday, August 10, 2018 - Posted 8:28:25 PM
Pictured below are photos of the new ambulance for Minonk which was delivered this week. The cost of the ambulance was $176,000 plus an additional amount was spent to install a new radio. The crew will be working to get everything stocked and into operation early next week.

Members of the ambulance squad pose in front of their new ambulance.

Interior of the ambulance.


Barry Stech: Hey that's fancy.. but you think maybe we can get that really annoying bump in the road at the curve ground down or something next time the city wants to spend money Dan McGuire: I do believe that stretch of road is the counties to maintain.
Brett Brown: Why would the city spend money to fix a county road?
Barry Stech: They should put a bug in the county's ear to fix it then
Broc Hovey: Ya right cuz my suspension cries everytime I hit it
Cristi Jones: Actually it's in town so it's a city problem not county that's what I was told
Cristi Jones: And I just texted one of the Woodford county pd guys and they are going to tell city works and hopefully then it'll get fixed fingers crossed
Richard Beschorner: County fixed that bump! Didn't you see the new sign they put up about a month ago? It says bump!
Byron Good: Pretty sweet Mindy
Melanie Olson Mills: Looks sharp
Michael Cave: Uhoh