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Fieldcrest Board Meeting Summary

Thursday, July 27, 2017 - Posted 9:39:37 AM by Dr. Dan Oakley
The Fieldcrest CUSD 6 Board of Education held its regular Board meeting on July 26, 2017. Members present were Mykin Bernardi, Scott Hillenburg, Joe Kirkpatrick, Charles Lohr, Kimberly McKay, Tim McNamara. Member Beth Palm was absent. Also present were Superintendent Dr. Daniel L.Oakley, Intermediate School Principal Molly Allen, district architect John Bishop, and a couple of community members.

The Board met in closed session to start the meeting to discuss personnel employment and compensation. In regular session, the Board reviewed Board Policy Section 7: Students.In Board action during regular session, the Board: approved the consent agenda; approved estimated Board member expenses for Triple-I; approved recommendations for opening some closed session 
minutes; approved a milk service bid for FY18 from Prairie Farms; approved a refuse removal bid for FY18 from Area Disposal; adopted a FOIA resolution for FY18; approved the FY18 employee guide; approved FY18 substitute rates; approved the FY18 Administrative Compensation Report; approved the 
district Title I plan for submission to ISBE; approved a request for a student overnight trip to the Millikin Music Festival for this fall; approved a bid from CORE Construction in the amount of $348,000 to repair the north old gym wall at the high school, with the grand majority of the cost paid by Country Insurance; and approved contractual retirement agreements with Penelope Baran, Marion Kennel, and Julie McNamara.

In employment action, the Board: hired Pat Cwiak as an Intermediate School special education teacher; hired Jerrod Barth and Sherrie Persic as bus monitors for the the K-2 shuttle buses; and hired Blaine Stalter as an Assistant Cook at the Intermediate School. The Board also thanked Michele O'Neall and Leslie Petersen for their service to the district as they are taking jobs 
elsewhere for the upcoming year.

Mrs. Allen updated the Board on summer progress in her building. 

Dr. Oakley addressed several issues:
1.   The funding of schools for the upcoming school year is contingent on the passage of SB1 or some other school funding formula. Dr. Oakley is (very cautiously) optimistic that something will be agreed to this fall, but the Board must also begin to plan for the possibility that no agreement is made.
2. Schools startup progress is going well. As with every school year, there are always items which need to be updated/corrected once the year begins, but everything appears to be going according to plan at this time.
3.  Member Lohr discussed the question of mowing at the schools and whether the district needs to bid the work or whether it can be done in house. Dr. Oakley noted the figures given by Mr. Olson while he was superintendent, but indicated that new work would have to be done not only on cost factors, but also on time availability and other issues. Lohr and Dr. Oakley will work on cost factors first.

The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 30 2017, at 6:30 pm at Fieldcrest High School band room, with closed session starting at 6:00 pm. The Board will also hold a Board retreat on Saturday, August 19, 2017, at 8:00 am in the High School library.