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Meteorite Program Given at Filger Library

Saturday, July 21, 2018 - Posted 8:25:23 PM by Dave Uphoff

Librarian Debra Blunier explains the types of meteorites that have impacted the moon at a presentation at the Filger Library Saturday.

To demonstrate how meteorites impact the earth's surface, Ms. Blunier fills a pan with flour and cocoa powder to simulate the earth's crust for her demonstration.

Rocks are used to simulate meteorites in the demonstration

The participants were divided into teams and each team was given some rocks to use as meteorites.

Each team was to make note of what kind of impact the "meteorites" made when dropping in the pan.

Then each "meteorite" was weighed and noted in the team's notebook.

Then the teams went outside to demonstrate the impact each "meteorite" makes when dropped in the pan with a simulation of the earth's crust. Here the team is measuring the height from which the "meteorite"will be dropped.

After the "meteorite" is dropped in the pan, notes are taken as to the size and shape of the crater.

Notes are taken to record the size and shape of the crater in the pan.

After the demonstration team leaders report their results of the test.

Ms. Blunier shows fragments of meteorites taken from the moon by astronauts.

Rock samples from the moon.