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July 4th Activities in West Side park

Tuesday, July 04, 2017 - Posted 3:44:11 PM
The Minonk July 4th events continued in the Westide Park after the parade.  Craft vendors, inflatables for the kids, chicken dinner in the pavilion, food stands and bingo were among the activities at the park under sunny and high 80s weather.

The activities began with the Bovine Bingo event in which two cows are placed in a pen that is checkered off with squares sprayed painted with numbers.  The first two squares that are the recipients of the cows manure are the winning numbers.  The above bovines appear to be resistant to any attempt at bribery.

The many trees at the Westside Park provide a pleasant venue for activities.

Bob Jackson holds his grandson dressed in patriotic attire.

St. Paul's Church provided the usual chicken dinner in the pavilion.

Inflatables were set up for the kids to romp in.

Food stands were set up for the discriminating diner.

Vendor stands were set up throughout the park.

Bingo players wait for the next number.