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BBQ Smokeoff a Smashing Success

Sunday, July 02, 2017 - Posted 10:06:04 PM
The I-39 Smokeoff sponsored by the Kansas City Barbeque Society in downtown Minonk over the weekend was a smashing success. Over 22 entries vied for the winning prize in various food categories such as chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder or butt and beef brisket. The event in conjunction with the car show was held in beautiful summer weather and drew a large crowd.

Downtown Minonk is proving to be a wonderful venue for these type of events as the main parking lot is big enough for all the competitors with their campers. The Minonk Chocolate Company building is close to the participants which facilitates the judging. The south block of Chestnut Street and the alley in that block was big enough to hold 128 cars for the car show. In addition, the abundance of shade trees in downtown Minonk provides shelter from the sun for the smokeoff participants as well as for the owners of the cars in the car show. Hopefully, the Smokeoff and car show will become an annual event in Minonk.

Campers belonging to the contestants in the BBQ Smokeoff line the parking lot in the 500 block of Chestnut Street.

A smoker for one of the contestants in the BBQ Smokeoff.

Another set of smokers.

Participants and friends fraternize while the cooking takes place.

A pork butt getting ready for cooking by Nate Lorton.

A beef brisket prepared by contestant Russell Ruestman.

A contestant in his stand preparing pork ribs.

Pouring the sauce on the ribs. 

A smoker created by Nate Lordon.

Chicken prepared by Nate Lorton ready to be judged.

Nate Lordon next to his cooker.


Stillwell Richard: I feel the car show was awesome, however the smoke-off was extremely disappointing. Since the pit masters were not allowed to sell their food to the public. I understand why. On the plus side, Grosenbach's grocery of Minonk stepped up and knocked it out of the park. Chuck and his crew had many delicious items.