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Week Two Summer Reading at Filger Library

Friday, June 23, 2017 - Posted 9:49:53 AM by Debra Blunier

Forest Park Nature Center taught us so much about nature's architects, such as nest builders.

The corn snake that Forest Park brings gets everyone's attention fast!

Touching the snake is very interesting and exciting.

Kids and adults line up for a touch of snake!

We're reading about robots - now time to design our own!

Beautiful robot designs!

Under football player leadership, the kids designed a working Wigglebot, a robot that draws and designs!

Another exciting Wigglebot does its arty stuff!

Corny of the Cornbelters likes Storyhour too!

It's a great day for a picture with Corny! Also, if we read 20 books each, we can win tickets to a Cornbelters game!

Another Wigglebot robot is under construction.

Robot fan lineup, as they plan their next design!

A robot designing - all by itself! Amazing!

Local Artist Tim Kowalczyk presented some of his clay artwork and techniques at a program for the young readers.

After seeing the artist demonstrate, each young reader tried their own clay art.